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Rescue Them

14 years ago by Rick Kennedy
Some things the Dallas office of the International Rescue Committee has down pat. In 2005, for example, the refugee assistance agency locally resettled 457 victims of persecution or torture from countries including Liberia, Somalia and Sudan. Some other things, however, they're still working on—like fund-raisers. "We've kind of had some...

This Weekend: Paella Night at FOE, a Donkey Party and a Beer House Feast

3 months ago by Taylor Adams
Ten Bells is celebrating seven years of business this weekend. Per usual, it’s doing so while supporting animals. Ten Bells will have a special cocktail menu with all proceeds going to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. What: 7-Year Anniversary Party with Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue When: 3 p.m. Friday, June 28...

Millennials and Gen Z Searching Deeper than Mere Politics, Survey Suggests

4 months ago by Jim Schutze
First I was confused. Too many great Democrats running for president. But then I saw the Fox poll: Biden beats Trump by 11 points. I said that’s it. Biden’s my man. Then I watched Beto O’Rourke’s town hall the other night on CNN. Now I’m confused again. I do have...

Claim to Fame: What Are Dallas Suburbs Best Known For?

4 months ago by Brittany Nunn
If you go outside the great state of Texas, and you mention that you’re from Dallas, you’ll probably get one of a few standard reactions. We’re generally known for three things: the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas TV series and the fact that JFK was shot here. Of course, those of...

21 Things To Do in Dallas This Week

4 months ago by The Mixmaster
Thursday Ian Fleming was obsessed with the colorful life of the late playboy and race car driver Porfirio Rubirosa, native of the Dominican Republic, and some believe Fleming based his James Bond character on Rubirosa, who was also rumored to be a political assassin. The same theme is reflected in...

Citizens Police Review Board Revamp Passes Unanimously

5 months ago by Stephen Young
Dallas' Citizens Police Review Board got meaningfully stronger Wednesday. The new board won't be as strong as activists wanted it to be and is probably a little stronger than Dallas' police associations would've preferred. Its creation is a compromise, just as Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall said it would...

The Burger May Be the Most Ubiquitous Dish in Dallas. But What Is the Future of Dallas Burgers?

5 months ago by Nick Rallo
If Dallas had a singular dish that best represents our culinary past and present, it may very well be the burger, a staple on almost every menu in town, from steakhouses to vegan diners and everything in between. But as Americans are reconsidering their meat consumption, what does the future of Dallas burgers look like?

Ex-U.S. National Team Swimmer Says Dallas Clinic Sold Her Tainted Vitamins

5 months ago by Stephen Young
A former University of Texas All-American and U.S. National Team swimmer sued a Dallas clinic Tuesday, claiming a multivitamin she bought from the clinic led to a 2018 doping suspension. FINA, international swimming's governing body, suspended Madisyn Cox for two years in March 2018 after she tested positive for trimetazidine,...

Humbled Proud Boy: Attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke Claims an Internet ‘Stalker’ Is Ruining His Life

5 months ago by Christian McPhate
Jason Lee Van Dyke sat at a table next to his defense lawyer in a Denton County courtroom, listening as an attorney for the Texas State Bar spoke about how fearful she was when she received his email message threatening her life. At 38, Van Dyke is stocky like a...

Best Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend

6 months ago by Paige Skinner
Friday The North Texas Irish Festival returns with its annual family-friendly celebration of Irish and Celtic tradition and culture. Don’t be fooled by the “family-friendly” tag, however. Rest assured there will be plenty of genuine Irish whiskey and beer to enjoy all weekend long, along with dance performances, storytelling, pet...

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