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Oh, No. Extremely Slim Possibility Trump Did Something Right on Housing.

8 days ago by Jim Schutze
If old South Dallas can bloom, if the open wounds of racism and red-lining up and down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard can be closed and healed, then the entire body of the city will breathe heartier and happier. And maybe, just maybe, that’s what we are beginning to see...

How to Explain the Dallas Restaurant Scene to Out-of-Towners

27 days ago by Brian Reinhart
The Dallas food scene is a confusing, tumultuous place. Restaurants open and close constantly, and fads seem to sweep in from the coasts with regularity before receding. For out-of-towners, Dallas is especially mysterious because our reputation is out-of-date. Around America, food lovers know Houston is a mellow melting pot of...

Toilet Seat Artist and Former Museum Owner Dies at 98

2 months ago by Meredith Lawrence
Over his lifetime, Barney Smith designed, decorated and collected roughly 1,400 toilet seat lids. The master plumber-turned-artist died Tuesday at the age of 98. From art and knickknacks to spoons, coins and stamps, human beings have amused themselves by accumulating large quantities of similar items for thousands of years. Janet...

Dallas Activist May Be First Labeled ‘Black Identity Extremist’ by FBI

2 months ago by Jacob Vaughn
Rakem Balogun and his son were asleep in their apartment early one December morning about two years ago when they woke up to the sound of a crash. Balogun, a North Texas activist, got out of bed and walked into his living room. From where he was standing, he couldn't...

Country Singer Chris Young Talks Love of the Military Ahead of Dallas Show

2 months ago by Brad LaCour
Country artist Chris Young’s Raised on Country World Tour might not be prompted by the promotion of a new album, but when it makes its way to Dos Equis Pavilion on July 20, that won't mean fans won’t have new songs to sing along to. “Raised on Country,” the song...

Follow the Leaders: Selling Diversity and the Value of Networking at the George W. Bush Presidential Center

3 months ago by Glenn Hunter
Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were scheduled to show up last Thursday at 5 p.m. in the auditorium of the George W. Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University. The purpose of their appearance was to recognize 58 graduates of the 2019 class of Presidential Leadership Scholars,...

What Does Beto O’Rourke Need to Do in the First Democratic Presidential Debate?

3 months ago by Stephen Young
Believe it or not, there is an honest-to-goodness presidential debate tonight in Miami. It's the first of the 2020 election cycle, getting underway 222 days before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 3. Thanks to the Democrats' clown-car-filling 24 candidates for president, the debate will actually be held over two nights,...

The Best Exhibitions You Can See Right Now (Or Soon) in North Texas

3 months ago by Karen Gavis
From exquisite fashion to somber recollections and colorful replicas of classic art built brick by brick, Dallas has enjoyed a remarkable array of art in 2019, and here’s a short list of six important exhibitions that are still on the radar. Dior: From Paris to the World at the Dallas Museum...

Back to Iraq

13 years ago by Megan Feldman
Adel Elkenan, an Iraqi Shiite, fled his home in 1991 after the failed Shiite and Kurdish uprisings against Saddam Hussein's government. He spent weeks in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia before being flown to the United States and placed in Dallas by a refugee agency. Sixteen years later, after...

Bearing Scars of War, Former Soldier Answers Call To Serve Wounded Vets

4 months ago by Richie Whitt
It wasn’t getting shot in the head by a sniper that made the worst day of Rick Turner’s military career. Getting shot while cradling a fellow soldier in 82nd Airborne wounded by the same sniper didn’t either. Watching him get shot again — and killed — made it the worst...

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