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Jeff Swearingen Embarks on Marathon of Mirth for a Good Cause

8 years ago by Elaine Liner
If there's anyone we'd like to see be funny for a continuous 48 hours, it's Dallas actor and improv comic Jeff Swearingen. He's a funny guy on and off a stage, but especially on. And starting at 8 p.m., Friday, October 7, he's going to try to be funny and...

Jeff Swearingen: Putting the Fun in Fun House Theatre

6 years ago by Elaine Liner
If you think children's theater is just about giving a mouse a cookie or putting a hat on a cat, you haven't been to Fun House Theatre and Film, this year's Best of Dallas Best Theater Company. Located in an unglamorous little playhouse behind a Thai restaurant in a Plano...

The 19 Best Things to Do in Dallas This Week, Dec. 9 – 15

2 months ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, Dec. 9 Caroling in the Arts DistrictCaroling in the Arts District Ah, caroling, that holiday tradition in which groups of strangers come to your home or accost you on the street and sing Christmas songs at you until you give them money. How is that legal? Seriously, robbery at...
Best Of Winner

Best Theater Teacher

Jeff Swearingen

Normally, it takes a very generous person to willingly watch high school students perform in a production of anything. If it's your child, sure. But nieces, cousins, children of friends? Unless you're a saint you're probably not going to sit through The Crucible for them. But you would if Jeff...
Best Of Winner

Best Local Playwright

Jeff Swearingen

He often starts with a title: A School Bus Named Desire. Then writer-director Jeff Swearingen creates an ingenious homage to the original play, but with the twist of using children and teens as characters. As the co-founder and director of all-youth Fun House Theatre and Film, Swearingen has wowed critics...

Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator Gets a Timely Update at Festival of Independent Theatres

3 years ago by Katy Lemieux
A yearly showcase of small theater companies is making its return to the Bath House Cultural Center at the edge of White Rock Lake. Wingspan Theater Company founded the Festival of Independent Theatres in 1998  to aid local theater companies without permanent performance spaces. The festival begins this week and...
Best Of Winner

Best Stage Director

Jeff Swearingen

Many theater directors have wrestled with the most difficult works of Shakespeare, Albee and Stoppard. Only one we know of has done them to critical acclaim with actors under the age of 16. Jeff Swearingen is director and resident playwright at Fun House Theatre and Film, the all-youth company he...


6 years ago by Danielle Georgiou
Stiff Who killed Mickey Blake? That’s exactly what Jeff Swearingen is trying to figure out in his newest play, Stiff. The 2014 Mastermind takes us back to the 1950s, when Broadway was booming, directors were dreaming big, and critics were the almighty and powerful ones who had the ability to...

A Khaleesi With Her Clothes On

6 years ago by Lauren Smart
Fun House Theatre and Film had preteens play Stalin. It cast kids in a play by Neil LaBute. They spoofed potty-mouth playwright David Mamet. It’s all been good, clean fun. But we wonder about this Game of Thrones, Junior show opening at Fun House (1301 Custer Road., Plano) at 7:30...

Ain't No Fault in these Stars

5 years ago by Nikki Lott
The Little Prince isn’t just the story of that baby Michael Jackson had with his nurse. It’s a real live story. Like a book an’ shit. It also happens to be Jeff Swearingen’s favorite story ever. Seriously. We have a picture of his high school notebook and it’s covered in...

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