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This Year, Sandra Lee is Thankful
For Jell-O Shots

9 years ago by Alice Laussade
Thanksgiving is about spending time with the family. It's about giving thanks. And sure, eating turkey and stuffing is great, but Thanksgiving has always been missing that one key item that every epic party needs: Jell-O shots. Luckily, Sandra Lee, of Food Network Semi-Homemade Cooking fame and the creative mind...

Do You Remember the Jiggle of the Jell-O 1-2-3?

10 years ago by Merritt Martin
​In the world of ubiquitous American desserts, one can always rely on the chocolate chip cookie, the apple pie, chocolate cake and Jell-O. Hell, Jell-O has earned the honor of being the go-to term for any gelatin-related, or simply jiggly, dessert. It's the Kleenex of the cafeteria. Jell-O -- especially the...

Top 10 Observer-ations: Greenville Avenue/ St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2019

6 months ago by Richie Whitt
10. The three most naively optimistic words you can utter on Greenville Avenue during St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dallas: “Table for 12.” In 20 years of parades, I’ve been on the Observer float, the 105.3 The Fan float and even (in 2012) a co-grand marshal. But this Saturday I’m...

Eating Out, and Well, on Christmas Day

2 years ago by Merritt Martin
Christmas Day poses an interesting opportunity for dining. Or is it a conundrum? For those who celebrate the holiday, it could be an opportunity to perfect and present a feast of dishes from the home oven, but for many, leaving things to the professionals is best for everyone involved. No...

"I Got Your Adult Lunchables Right Here" No Longer Just a Pick-Up Line.

8 years ago by Alice Laussade
When I heard that Jell-O was marketing Jell-O Temptations, "The first Jell-O that's just for adults,"I thought that was pretty ridiculous. How do they even get porn into Jell-O packaging, let alone get the clearance to sell something like that in a Walmart? But when I was searching for Jell-O...

The 10 Ridiculous New Foods We're Most Excited to Try at This Year's State Fair of Texas

3 years ago by Beth Rankin
In case you've been living under a rock with exceptionally poor Wi-Fi, you're no doubt well aware that the State Fair of Texas opens for the season on Friday — and nothing has been buzzed about quite so much as this year's new food offerings.  In the more than two...

11 Awesome Food Events This Weekend, October 15-18: Beefsteaks and Bottoms Up

4 years ago by Kathryn DeBruler
The words "discount" and "oysters" don't always make a happy pair, but this Thursday they will. Proof + Pantry is running an oyster and Champagne special. For $11 you get a half-flute of Delamotte Champagne and three 25-cent oysters, or $22 for a full flute and six oysters. The special...

Stuff it

24 years ago by Molly Ivins
The taxidermy issue requires advanced autopsy by the serious political ethicist. Not that the scholars at the Texas Ethics Commission have been derelict--indeed not. Their December decree that Texas lawmakers may henceforth disburse campaign funds in order to stuff animal heads, thereafter to reside upon their office walls, is positively...

In Deep Ellum, Alligator Cafe Has That Special Sauce

6 years ago by Scott Reitz
Service goes a long way in the restaurant business. A waiter's friendly demeanor can convince a small party to order two desserts instead of one, or stay for one last drink instead of slipping out the door for a nightcap. Service is what makes a customer come back to a...

We Suggest You Chase That Raw Chicken with Fried TUMS

8 years ago by Brooke Nottingham
This week in blogs, we ate raw chicken while Fat Hos tried out UNT's vegan options, Nancy Nichols reminded us why she doesn't like Hanna Raskin, and two Dallas reality stars got eliminated. Now our reality fame is up to Most Eligible Dallas, making for a very dismal week, indeed...

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