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John Congleton Puts The Paper Chase To Bed

8 years ago by Pete Freedman
John Congleton knows his new band, The Nighty Nite, sounds very much like his old band The Paper Chase. He's OK with that. Mostly because, far as he's concerned, it should sound similar. Nothing has changed in his songwriting process. Aside from the name, the only difference between his old...

Longtime Dallasite John Congleton Adds the Decemberists' New Album to His Resume

2 years ago by Eric Grubbs
Longtime Dallasite John Congleton continues to have a prolific career as a producer, engineer and mixer. Congleton now lives in Los Angeles, and he's adding the Decemberists to the list of artists hundreds of artists he's worked with. The Portland, Oregon-based quintet dropped a new song, “Severed," this week. It's...

John Congleton and the Joule Hotel Trying to Make Dallas a Session City

3 years ago by Jeff Gage
Ariel Saldivar was planning her birthday party last year when she hit on an idea. At the time, friend and record producer John Congleton was recording an album with Montreal band SUUNS at his Elmwood Recording studio. Saldivar asked them to play at Texas Theatre for the party, and when...

Poster of the Week: John Congleton and Joey Kendall at Dan's Silverleaf Tonight

10 years ago by Pete Freedman
Tonight at Dan's Silverleaf, the brains behind two of the region's most mind-blowing acts, John Congleton (of The Paper Chase) and Joey Kendall (of Mount Righteous), will join forces on a bill that features each of these intriguing minds performing solo sets.The above poster for the show uses an aesthetic...

Another Big Record On John Congleton's Resume: The Walkmen's Lisbon

9 years ago by Daniel Hopkins
You may or may not remember all the way back to last March, when NX35 music festival single-handedly overtook DC9 for about a week. One of the top headliners, The Walkmen, who played a stunning set at Hailey's Club, were one of the many reasons that the festival was such...

Murder by Death's Matt Armstrong on The Cure, SXSW and John Congleton

8 years ago by Eric Grubbs
Murder by Death started in Bloomington, Indiana, but bassist Matt Armstrong is a local who grew up in University Park. He took some time out and shared his first show experiences with us, told us why MBD is not playing SXSW and revealed a little about their forthcoming John Congleton-produced...

NPR Calls John Congleton "Indie Rock's Unsung Hero of 2011"

8 years ago by Audra Schroeder
They did, right here. And we're inclined to agree. Congleton's been all over DC9 at Night, most recently over the summer when his band the Nighty Nite made its debut with True Widow at the Double Wide. And he's been all over everywhere else too, producing albums for a who's-who...

John Congleton Steps Out From Own Shadow With First Solo Record in Four Years

3 years ago by Eric Grubbs
It's been four years since John Congleton has released any new music. It hasn't been for a lack of trying on his part, though. In the meantime — and practically all of his time — he's been busy with his work as a producer, engineer and mixer of international repute,...

Jessie Frye Is Recording Her New EP with John Congleton, Performing Her Birthday Show This Friday

10 years ago by Darryl Smyers
Local singer/songwriter Jessie Frye is in the studio recording a new EP with producer John Congleton at the helm. Seems like an odd pairing at first--especially since Frye's debut EP, The Delve, was such a meticulously mellow affair. But Frye is adamant about expanding her musical horizons and claims the...

John Congleton Talks The Paper Chase's Tragic First Show, The Nighty Nite's Early Goings.

8 years ago by Eric Grubbs
John Congleton is a name you've long associated with his roles as a producer and as the leader of The Paper Chase. But be ready to hear more from his new band, The Nighty Nite, in the coming months.As the band, which also features Jason Garner of the final Paper...

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