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Former Dallas County DA Gets Rewarded for Political Suicide Mission

2 days ago by Stephen Young
All things considered, Faith Johnson is probably better off today. Sure, she got waxed by Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot in the 2018 election, losing by 20 points, but she was never expected to win anyway. Since her loss, however, the former judge has picked up a sweet partnership...

2019 Was the Year of Lizzo and Billie Eilish, Yes, But It Was Also the Year of Classic Rock

11 days ago by Kelly Dearmore
If you take a look around, pretty much anywhere music lovers find themselves, you'll likely see that classic rock is in the air. No, we’re not talking about the gentle tones of REO Speedwagon wafting overhead while you shop at Nordstrom Rack. We’re talking about the old-school rockers still out...

Tiffany Young Plans to Bring More Than Bling During Moon Mission

10 days ago by Michael Bialas
If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they have become precious lifetime pals with Tiffany Young, one of the brightest hopes among K-pop stars trying to bring more than bling to a solo pop act gaining universal appeal. With the stage name Tiffany identifying more with a certain jewelry company...

The 20 Best Things to Do in Dallas This Week, Nov. 4-10

12 days ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, November 4 DMA Arts & Letters Live: Lori GottliebLori Gottlieb is a certified therapist (whose expertise is frequently sought on morning talk shows), a New York Times best-selling author and the columnist behind The Atlantic’s “Ask a Therapist.” Gottlieb’s latest book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, is based...

Lorena Bobbitt Talks Christine Ford, MeToo and Advocacy Ahead of Arlington Domestic Violence Conference

20 days ago by Eva Raggio
Lorena Bobbitt, who now uses her maiden name Gallo, became the controversial face of domestic abuse in 1993, when the Ecuadorian-born manicurist was arrested after castrating husband John Bobbitt with a kitchen knife, and throwing his penis out of her car window after, she alleged, suffering years of spousal abuse...

The 22 Best Things to Do in Dallas This Week, Oct. 28-Nov. 3

20 days ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, October 28 Ghost Tour DallasDon’t let the sparkling uptown high-rise condo buildings fool you: Dallas can be creepy as hell. (We have a giant eyeball sculpture in the middle of downtown, for Christ’s sake.) And what better night to discover how dramatically haunted the city really is than Halloween?...

Morning News’ Flip-Flop on Cop Murder Charges Is Strictly Partisan Politics

27 days ago by Jim Schutze
Help me keep track of The Dallas Morning News editorial page here. I guess I’m just confused. First, let’s look at murders. The paper’s editorial page last week said the killing of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson in her own home by a Fort Worth police officer was one of those important...

President Trump Goes After the Bidens, Plays a Familiar Tune in Dallas

1 month ago by Stephen Young
Thursday night, in as much trouble as he's been since his inauguration, President Donald Trump returned to Dallas' American Airlines Center a little more than four years after his first visit to the place that Ron Kirk built. On a day in which his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney,...

Fed Up With Legislative Moderation, Texas Anti-Abortion Activists Take to the Cities

1 month ago by Stephen Young
Like many anti-abortion activists, Mark Lee Dixon left the 2019 Texas legislative session unsatisfied. Sure, the Legislature, deep red for at least one more election, had passed the "born-alive bill," which mimics a federal law that requires doctors to care for a baby born during an attempted abortion, and another...

Bad Things Made Good Things Happen in Dallas During Dark Days of Guyger

1 month ago by Jim Schutze
Through the dark clouds brooding over the Amber Guyger trial, sunlight actually broke through in a few wonderful moments, some now internationally publicized, some you may have missed. Let me give you an example of one that may have gotten by you. Right after the sentencing, Dallas Police Chief U...

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