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Defendants, Lawyers and Justice Suffer as Pandemic Shuts Down Trials

1 day ago by Richie Whitt
For 16 years, Bill Price has successfully defended the city’s prostitutes, drug dealers, drunk drivers and the occasional client accused of murder. But against COVID-19 and a dormant criminal justice system, even the gold medal weightlifter-turned-litigator is powerless. “This virus has crippled the courts,” says the veteran defense attorney. “There...

Can Dallas County Pull Off an Election With Fewer Polling Places During a Pandemic? Maybe.

8 days ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
State-supported efforts to suppress voting have a long, ugly history across the nation, particularly in Texas, and they’re still alive today. Tougher voter ID laws, early voting barriers, mail-in ballot restrictions and the recent elimination of straight-ticket voting are all part of what critics say is a surgical strike on...

Bootlickin' Does a Boy Good: Cruz Nabs Spot on Trump's Supreme Court Short List

13 days ago by Simone Carter
Wednesday, President Donald Trump revealed he’d put his favorite sycophant, U.S. Sen. “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, on a short list of potential Supreme Court nominees, according to USA Today.

Gainesville's County Commissioners Vote to Keep Courthouse Confederate Monument

1 month ago by Simone Carter
Last month, Gainesville City Council members voted unanimously to remove one of the town’s two Confederate monuments. In a 4-1 decision Monday morning, Cooke County Commissioners opted to keep the other. Activists from grassroots organization PRO Gainesville say the Confederate statue, which towers over the courthouse lawn, is a testament to...

MJ Hegar Defeats Royce West in U.S. Senate Runoff Race

2 months ago by Simone Carter
MJ Hegar will battle Republican incumbent John Cornyn for his U.S. Senate seat in November. Tuesday, Air Force veteran Hegar defeated Dallas state Sen. Royce West in the Democratic runoff for Senate. The last time Texas sent a Democrat to the U.S. Senate was in 1993. But Hegar told her...

Runoff Elections Are Upon Us. Here's What You Need to Know.

2 months ago by Jacob Vaughn
After a longer-than-usual wait, the primary runoff elections are finally here. Back in March, Gov. Greg Abbott postponed the elections because of the pandemic. Now, with COVID-19 numbers surging, Dallas County residents are ready to head out into the hot, Texas-summer heat to cast their votes. Daniel Bradley, the central count manager...

Update: Dallas County Passes New Mask Requirements for Businesses

3 months ago by Stephen Young
Wednesday, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff solved Gov. Greg Abbott's riddle and lit the path for his fellow municipal leaders. Thursday, counties around the state, cautious over the spread of the novel coronavirus but wary of Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's wrath, began following Wolff's lead, crafting orders...

How to Cook Steaks at Home From Knife (Chef John Tesar Will Help)

6 months ago by Philip Kingston
Dating in the time of COVID-19 is tricky. Unless you’re using Zoom in a very creepy way, we know you single readers out there have your quarantine boo who’s still allowed to come over. Or maybe you even wound up cohabitating a bit ahead of schedule. Good luck getting your...

Mark Cuban Is Investigating Dallas Businesses' Coronavirus Compliance

5 months ago by Stephen Young
The Mavericks may be on indefinite hiatus, but Mark Cuban, the team's owner, is still finding interesting ways to make news during the coronavirus pandemic. Cuban's still paying the Mavericks' hourly employees, even though the American Airlines Center's empty. He's been one of the leading voices on how the NBA...

As COVID-19 Hits Jails and Prisons, Texas Inmates Call for Action

5 months ago by Tyler Hicks
The French M. Robertson Unit, a maximum-security state prison, is located off a dusty farm-to-market road about 20 minutes from Abilene. A couple of tiny hamlets dot the dry West Texas terrain near the prison, but for the most part, its population of about 3,000 inmates is surrounded by nothingness...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.