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Under a Sly Stone, There's a Lost Dream

14 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Sixty-three years ago today, Sylvester Stewart was born in Dallas. Or Denton. Probably Denton. Far as I've ever been able to tell, Sylvester's family did live in Dallas, though no one has ever said precisely where or for how long. And how about this for confusing: On this "official" Web...

DIFF 2013 Includes Fellini Fame, Texas Gems and Indie Film's Hottest Stars

8 years ago by Jamie Laughlin
A bitterly Good Night. The full list is posted, and it includes an earlier teased category of Italian films. In that showcase you'll get a dusting off of two classics, Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful and Fellini's 8 1/2, along with three newbies. Probably the buzziest film In the Texas...

Out Here

25 years ago by Matt Weitz
Shooting star Chandelier Musings Comet Dedicated Records Those who wander the demo-strewn caverns of Local Band Hell soon learn not to trust much of what crosses their desk; instead, they come to rely more on word of mouth. It's with great interest, then, that around a year or so ago...

Music to watch cave paintings by

24 years ago by Philip Chrissopoulos
"Dedicated to all people who feel obliged to space," reads the note on the original sleeve of Tangerine Dream's Alpha Centauri, made in 1971. A quarter of a century later, four young metroplex musicians have taken this statement to heart, creating an album steeped in the spirit of German cosmic...

War in peace

22 years ago by Zac Crain
Bill Bentley never met Alexander "Skip" Spence, never even spoke with the man whose music meant so much to him. He had come close before, when Spence's erstwhile band, Moby Grape, played at the Catacomb Club in Bentley's hometown of Houston. But Spence wasn't there that night, kept off the...

Emotional rescue

23 years ago by Keven Mcalester
Here is what Jeff Mangum is like: He is friendly. He stammers sometimes, as if struggling to find the right words to express his ideas. One imagines that he is not entirely comfortable coping with conventional situations, conversations, ideas. He talks about how he only recently began to read with...

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