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Will the Bar and Restaurant Scene Return to Normal in 2021? We Asked Dallas Experts.

6 days ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Seven years ago a question was posed on Reddit, “What’s your idea of a perfect day?” The top answer, by an account that has since been deleted, was “Wake up next to someone you love, spend the day exploring the outdoors, spend the evening drinking with friends, fall asleep next...

Dallas Music News: North Texas Latinx Musicians Make Headlines, Blues Rocker Meets Beatz

9 days ago by David Fletcher
Bandcamp, one of the largest digital distributors of independent music, ran an article this week recognizing “Ten Latinx Acts Shaping the Future of Dallas Independent Music.” Recognizing the long history Mexican-Americans have in the world of Texas music, the article highlights bands such as Luna Luna, The Bralettes and Sub-Sahara,...

Kelly Ball of Leila Bakery & Cafe on Cooking and Expanding North

11 days ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Kelly Ball, owner of Leila Bakery and Cafe, started selling her from-scratch baked goods at farmers markets in 2013 to much fanfare. Her pastry passion soon budded into a full-fledged business, and last fall, despite the pandemic, she opened her first storefront in East Dallas. While her hand-pressed pie crusts...

Bowlski's Lakewood Theater

Music Venues

6 Cheeseburgers to Look Forward to in 2021

18 days ago by Nick Rallo
High on the list of things we miss, sorely and all-over, is planting at a bar. When you park there for a while, phone down, you notice the small things. It’s those things you miss the most when you’re away from them for so long: The dim light of the...

Small North Texas Town Is Fighting to Preserve the Natural Night Sky

1 month ago by Karen Gavis
It’s not a municipality of vampires, at least we don’t think so, but a lone town in North Texas is clinging to the darkness. “It’s kind of a dark area, not a lot of development, not yet,” says Gordon Meredith, North Texas regional manager for the Texas chapter of the...

Tenants in Former DHA Apartments Say New Owner Is Pushing Them Out

2 months ago by Steven Monacelli
Residents in three low-income housing projects formerly managed by the Dallas Housing Authority say their complaints about poor maintenance and unsafe living conditions have been met not wit h repairs, but draconian regulations enforced by private security they believe are intended to drive them out of their homes. The authority,...

Meet Lakewood Landing's Baking Queen

8 months ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Dallas native Tifany Swulius has worked at the Lakewood Landing as a bartender off and on since 2006, but only recently became the official in-house baker. She likes cookies and beer, so it was bound to work out this way.  “I’ve been in the kitchen all my life, and at...

Lakewood Landing

The place's slogan, "An Upscale Dive," presents two problems. First, many would make the argument that it's a contradiction in terms. And second, there's the matter of self-identification: A dive...
American, Bars and Clubs

Blues for Texas Democrats, but No Blue Texas as a Slow Vote Tally Lumbers On

2 months ago by Simone Carter
Election Day is a lot like Christmas when you think about it. It’s comprised of equal parts happy excitement and anxiety. The run-up starts far, far too early. It’s filled with traditions and a fair number of lies. (No, Virginia. It’s your parents.) It costs a ton, adults are mostly...

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