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Madea vs. Christmas, Logic, and Larry the Cable Guy

7 years ago by Amy Nicholson
Someday there will be a serious academic study on Tyler Perry, the battered and sexually abused child who legally changed his first name at 16 to distance himself from his estranged father and grew rich playing a caricature of his mother in pantyhose and a dress, like a sass-talking Norman...


The 3 Redneck Tenors Christmas Spec-Tac-Yule-Ar" is, well... think Duck Dynasty goes to Carnegie Hall - down home laughs with big city music! some pretty spiffy Santa suits on ...

Brutal: Johnny Bedford Looks for a Bare-Knuckle Comeback

2 months ago by Jacob Vaughn
Johnny Bedford says he's going to be the greatest bare knuckle boxer of all time.

10 Shows That Should Have Their Own 24-Hour Pluto TV Channel

2 months ago by Danny Gallagher
We're all stuck at home now with more limited entertainment options than a resident of Branson, Missouri. One of the things that can help us get through this small-town feel is the free show and movie app Pluto TV. It's like someone mutated a UHF TV station and unleashed it...

A Shocked Music Scene Searches for Answers in ‘Kind’ Pianist Paul Allen’s Homicide

4 months ago by Eva Raggio
On Dec. 23, Dallas police responded to a welfare check for Timothy Paul Allen and found the 65-year-old dead in the passenger seat of his car. Dallas police announced Allen’s cause of death, per the medical examiner, as “homicidal violence.” Allen was a pianist, a longtime fixture in the cabaret...

45 Things We're Thankful for in 2020

5 months ago by Eva Raggio
We don’t need to remind you that this year was terrible, because you’ve surely heard by now. In the spirit of giving thanks, let us focus on the positive so we can get back to planning on stuffing our faces with, well, stuffing. Through COVID deaths, unemployment, shutdowns and political...

Extreme Lockdown or Reopening Equally Bad, COVID-19 Fighter Says

12 months ago by Jim Schutze
Finally, I found someone to help me with two conjoined questions that I have been trying to untangle for weeks. First question: What about the disease? Second question: What about the economy? Miguel Solis told me how to figure it out. Don’t untangle. But everybody wants to untangle. Monday, I...

The Coronavirus Challenge: Don’t Be Selfish or Stupid. Stay Home.

1 year ago by Eva Raggio
It feels like we’ve been training for prolonged periods of social distancing for years: Staring deep into our phones, driving-thru our errands and meals, hoarding online friendships while disposing of our flesh-and-bone ones, morphing into avatars who only exist online. Even phone calls became too intrusive, and we all learned...

Dino Animatronics Manufacturer To Unearth New Digs in Allen

1 year ago by Simone Carter
Raptors and Triceratops and T. rex will now be created in North Texas. But not like that eccentric guy with the hat did in Jurassic Park. Billings Productions, Inc. is the nation’s leading manufacturer of dinosaur animatronics, and this summer it’s migrating to new digs in Allen. Vice president of...

Don’t Call Famous Exchange a Band. It’s a Collective, and It Saves Lives.

1 year ago by Tyler Hicks
The first thing you need to know about Famous Exchange is that they are more than a band. Sure, they are a trio of musicians who play shows, produce songs and release them into the world. Sometimes those songs get a serious lift from the Spotify algorithm. Sometimes they get...

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