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How Joe Rogan Can Turn His Podcast Into a Real Texas Experience

15 days ago by Jacob Reyes
What does podcast sensation and certified buff man Joe Rogan have in common with Glenn Beck and Matthew McConaughey? They are now all residents of the great (yeah, why not?) state of Texas. Back in July, Rogan announced his decision to move his massively popular show, The Joe Rogan Experience,...

Ron Kirk and Lee Jackson Are a Pair of Madmen on the Trinity Toll Road Issue

6 years ago by Jim Schutze
Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk and former Dallas County Judge Lee Jackson, two wild and crazy guys, had a shared piece on the opinion pages of The Dallas Morning News yesterday under a headline, "Congestion will worsen without Trinity toll road." If you asked Kirk and Jackson to produce a...

Black Lives Matter Is Bringing Out Artists’ True Colors – Every Shade of White

28 days ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Last week, a sexist and racist Facebook post circulated the internet. While that’s sadly commonplace, this particular message was directed at none other than the queen of country music, Dolly Parton, which qualifies as treason. Stuart Baker, otherwise known as Unknown Hinson, thought the best use of his time was to...

Luscious Jackson
Ben Lee

21 years ago by Zac Crain
Luscious Jackson, Ben Lee This bill could have been titled the Grand Royal Showcase of Failed Potential, if only Sean Lennon, Butter O8, and the Beastie Boys themselves were along for the ride. Grand Royal is still the hippest label around, but its rep was earned three or four years...

Gainesville, Granbury and Waxahachie Are Latest to Consider Confederate Statues' Fate

3 months ago by Simone Carter
Since the George Floyd protests began, calls for the removal of statues deemed racist have reached as far as Belgium, the United Kingdom and South Africa. They’ve also crescendoed in Gainesville, a town 85 miles north of Dallas. Gainesville, which has a population of fewer than 17,000 people, is home...

Compilation for Late North Texas Music Writer Lee Jackson Out June 4

8 years ago by Audra Schroeder
After the passing of Lee Jackson in March, the outpouring of emotion from friends and colleagues - in Texas and beyond - was sort of astounding. Those who had never met him felt a kinship; those who did felt the weight of that loss in the creative community. Jackson wrote...

The Best Movies to Watch Right Now to Understand Racism

4 months ago by Thomas Lowery
The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, and a history of systemic racism, have resulted in mass protests across the globe. While these protests are vital to attract attention, start conversations, and instigate change, it’s also crucial that we strive to understand why this change is...

7 Great Movies You Forgot About That Have Nothing to Do With Global Pandemics

5 months ago by Danny Gallagher
Just before the coronavirus outbreak shut down almost every social and economic aspect of our lives, I was constantly reminded of what was coming by a special group of people who would constantly recommend watching or playing things in which the main theme is the outbreak of a deadly global virus...

Spike Lee Says Jerry Jones Is on the Wrong Side of History

9 months ago by Darryl Ratcliff
The Winspear Opera House feels diverse, energetic and slightly dangerous in the way that reminds me of the first day of school. Spike Lee walks out to a standing ovation and veteran journalist Roland Martin walks out in a caftan. Lee immediately makes a joke about how the Dallas Mavericks...

The 2000s Are Due for a Comeback, and We Can’t Let It Happen

8 months ago by Garrett Gravley
In the 1970s, we had Happy Days. In the 1980s, we had Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69.” In the 1990s, we had That ’70s Show. In the 2000s, we had a post-punk revival. In the 2010s, ’90s nostalgia became so big that Nickelodeon started a programming block titled NickRewind, which was...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.