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Sum 41

18 years ago by Mikael Wood
I got over my problems reconciling blink-182's quasi-libertarian attitude and its major-label affiliation the first time I learned how fond the trio is of big-bosomed porn stars--those women's services don't come cheap, so who better to finance the backstage peep show than MCA Records and its multinational parent corporation, Vivendi...


25 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Soul power The CD booklet accompanying Digable Planets' late 1994 release, Blowout Comb, reads almost like a pamphlet you might be handed at a political rally, each page covered in messages and symbols and slogans. A prisoner from the California state penitentiary sends his "message from the belly" (as in,...

Events for the week

23 years ago by Jimmy Fowler
thursday june 13 Linda Ronstadt: Linda Ronstadt has notched 25 years in the music business, worldwide album sales of 30 million, and grown a thick hide to protect herself from the critical thorns that have scraped her along the journey. She's also periodically grown a face: earnest country-rock girl, slick,...

Some things he did

19 years ago by Jeff Liles
To those who knew Roxy Gordon, the news of his passing on February 7 may have caught them a little off guard, but the official cause of death didn't come as much of a surprise: cirrhosis of the liver. The man loved his liquor. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but...

Divide and conquer

21 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
His earliest memories are of childhood days spent on the reservation, listening to his mother's relatives tell stories, play music, pass down traditions as though they were a child's outgrown clothes. He was born in May 1944, the son of a Mohawk mother and a Jewish gangster. He would never...

Incident at Oglala


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