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Out & About

19 years ago by Amelia Abreu
It may be true that rock critics are a bunch of failed musicians. I wouldn't know, because the prospect of career musicianship (turned sour for me around Suzuki Book Four, thanks) seems equally depressing as growing old writing record reviews. There's a difference between a successful musician and a career...

Out There

23 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Big green Blow it Out Your Ass Veruca Salt DGC Records Steve Albini goes for the gold and grabs at straws: Whether the former Big Black frontman now lends his precious name to the likes of Veruca Salt and Bush for pop prestige (theirs, not his) or because it's some...

Some things he did

19 years ago by Jeff Liles
To those who knew Roxy Gordon, the news of his passing on February 7 may have caught them a little off guard, but the official cause of death didn't come as much of a surprise: cirrhosis of the liver. The man loved his liquor. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but...

One Good Turn

12 years ago by Elaine Liner
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. That's Rodgers and Hammerstein's classic "musical play" Carousel. In Lyric Stage's majestic production, directed by Cheryl Denson, the Irving Arts Center's acoustically generous Carpenter Performance Hall fills with waves of waltzes, ballets and ballads played by a full 40-piece orchestra. A dozen violins! Three violas! And nearly...

Film 2007: On Deck

12 years ago by Scott Foundas
The first thing you notice when you walk on to the set are the 300 extras in late-1920s period costume, seated at cafeteria tables in a holding area, gazing up at you in their wool suits (for the men) and cloche hats (for the women) as if all of this...

Crit and Shap 2000

19 years ago by Amelia Abreu
Afew years ago, former New Times Los Angeles music editor Keven McAlester (who once held down the same post at the now-defunct Met) came up with a system to determine the worst albums of the year, a scientific formula that separated the chaff from the wheat with such precision, its...


Ware must go I want to commend the Dallas Observer and Laura Miller for the excellent coverage on this arena outrage ["Arena stonewalling," February 23] for which the taxpayers are being asked to subsidize the very rich trio of Ray Hunt, Don Carter, and Norm Green. There is no way...

Billy Bigelow revisited

23 years ago by Laurel Ornish
John Raitt never wore roller skates on stage; he never wore a cat suit or a silly half-face mask, but then again, he was a star on Broadway when Broadway stars were people, not productions. A leading man who's survived to see an age in which there are no leading...

Phallus idols

25 years ago by Jimmy Fowler
Paul Newman is our most complex living movie icon. The man and his image are loaded with contradictions--he is an actor of fairly limited abilities, but at least a dozen of his performances from a 41-year career have been burned into our consciousness with the force of genius. Newman's appearances...

Requiem for a Dream (2000)


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