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Texas Tech Loses in Final, Lubbock Avoids Being Reduced To Ashes

1 month ago by Silas Allen
In some ways, maybe Lubbock dodged a bullet. Things were, by all accounts, pretty subdued there Monday night after Texas Tech's heartbreaking overtime loss to Virginia in the NCAA national championship game. That's not to say that everyone took the loss with grace. Currently in Lubbock, Texas: Call out “Fuck...

Lubbock Country Venue Blue Light Is Expanding to Dallas

2 years ago by Paige Skinner
Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, Wade Bowen and more have all played Blue Light, a country venue in Lubbock. Now the small music venue is expanding to Deep Ellum. Marc Torres, owner of the new Dallas location, says the venue will be between Stirr and Harlowe, at 2811 Main Street...

Lubbock Via Deep Ellum

12 years ago by Kaitlin Ingram
One of the first albums I ever knew by heart was Joe Ely's Love and Danger. My parents used to play the cassette in the car nonstop, and the whole family loved it. As a seasoned Ely fan, it was a treat when I recently saw the documentary Lubbock Lights,...

C'mon, but Lubbock?

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
So, Southern Methodist University and the University of Dallas are still in the running for the George W. Bush Presidential Library (and, look, I could probably fit that thing in the closet with all my comic books and old porn). Texas Tech University ain't. I didn't really think that would...

Ex-U.S. National Team Swimmer Says Dallas Clinic Sold Her Tainted Vitamins

1 month ago by Stephen Young
A former University of Texas All-American and U.S. National Team swimmer sued a Dallas clinic Tuesday, claiming a multivitamin she bought from the clinic led to a 2018 doping suspension. FINA, international swimming's governing body, suspended Madisyn Cox for two years in March 2018 after she tested positive for trimetazidine,...

What Happened Before and What Happens After the ICE Raid in Allen?

1 month ago by Stephen Young
The headlines on reports about last week's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's raid on an electronic repairs plant in Allen were startling. In one day, ICE agents arrested 280 people at CVE Technology Group, making Wednesday's bust the biggest in a decade. Despite the scale of the operation, however, the way...

Religious Refusal Bill Passes Texas Senate

2 months ago by Silas Allen
The Texas Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would offer legal protections to those who refuse to provide services on religious grounds. Senate Bill 17 bars state license-granting agencies from denying or stripping professional licenses "based on a sincerely held religious belief" of the applicant or license-holder. Critics say the...

Texas Tech Professor Has a Toy Gun Exhibit at Cris Worley Fine Arts

3 months ago by Brad LaCour
With your nose inches away from the portrait, you would swear the toy gun in front of you was real. The way light bounces off the plastic, the curve of the handle seemingly within graspable reach, it’s inconceivable that the image in front of you is oil paint arranged meticulously...

Juggalos Provide an Enlightening Experience at Shaggy 2 Dope’s Deep Ellum Show

3 months ago by Garrett Gravley
If Nickelback is the low-hanging fruit of online mockery, then Insane Clown Posse is the long-forgotten peach that fell from the tree and has been rotting for so long that not even the newly produced mold spores want anything to do with it. What is it about ICP and their...

After Catching Fire Over a Year Ago, Smokey John's BBQ Makes a Triumphant Return

4 months ago by Dalila Thomas
The storm is over. That’s what it felt like in Smokey John’s on the last Tuesday of January. Not just because the lunch rush had finally subsided, but because they were finally back open after 15 months. The restaurant, which had been closed over a year after a devastating fire,...

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