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Today In Music News: Brian Jones' Death Gets Another Look, Michael Bolton Attempts Relevance and Sublime Gets Back Together

10 years ago by Lance Lester
Your daily dose of national music news for Tuesday, September 1, 2009... British police are going to re-examine the death of Rolling Stones member Brian Jones.  In the ultimate attempt to recover from a floundering career, Michael Bolton has been writing songs for his new album with Lady Gaga. Publicity stunt...

Bolton Lives!

13 years ago by Jean Carey
Michael Bolton is the type of celebrity who makes almost every average human feel incredibly lucky to have no talent whatsoever in the realm of entertainment generally (and singing specifically). Because of Bolton, it's not just bearable to have unremarkable mousy brown or dishwater blond hair--it's desirable. For a longtime...

Bolton No More in 04

1. I will stop referring to my porn addiction as "work-related." 2. I will stop smoking (fine, I will stop smoking in restaurants). 3. I will stop trying to shut down topless bars. 4. I will get rid of these cornrows. 5. I will stop referring to my The Simple...

Kenny G Says His Concerts Aren’t Boring and Kanye West Is a Big Fan

3 months ago by David Fletcher
Say what you will about Kenny G, but the guy is one of the most disarmingly nice people you will ever have the pleasure to talk to, and he doesn't really care if you have anything negative to say about him. "I may not be a person like Taylor Swift...

Frisco Singer Maelyn Jarmon Wins the 16th Season of NBC’s The Voice

6 months ago by Danny Gallagher
When the 16th season of NBC's The Voice came to an end, a local singer won her shot at the big-time. North Texas added another notch to its reality show winner belt last week when Frisco's Maelyn Jarmon won the 16th season of the NBC singing competition The Voice along...

DSO Announces 2009-2010 Schedule, Which Includes At Least One Surprise...

11 years ago by Pete Freedman
Since we already mentioned the Dallas Symphony Orchestra this morning (albeit tangentially), I'd say that this is as appropriate a time as any to spread word of the DSO's 2009-2010 pops lineup, which was announced earlier this week.Launching in August, the schedule kicks off with Motown's The Contours and is...
Best Of Winner

Best Bar for Power Ballad Fans

Liquid Zoo

Liquid Zoo owner Nell Scarborough can hardly hold a conversation without humming along to whatever power ballad is playing in her East Dallas bar. She's not the only one. The room is filled with Richard Marx fans, who, according to the genuine looks on their faces as they sing along,...


Ass Clown

14 years ago by sam Machkovech
If you say the words "Michael Bolton" to most passers-by, two reactions are common: smiles and fond '80s memories of AC radio hits like "Time, Love and Tenderness" and "How Can We Be Lovers," or punches to the face. But there's a third response that's grown in popularity over the...

And Sometimes, You Just Want to Sleep

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Is it us, or does Russ Berger looks a little like The Ticket's Norm Hitzges? Russ Berger owns a company in Addison well known for its "acoustical and architectural design for recording studios and broadcast facilities," among them the tony joints belonging to NFL Films, Whitney Houston, Billy Graham, National...

Five New Rules for Internet Jukeboxes

7 years ago by DC9 At Night
Does this look like Michael Bolton to you?By John Seaborn Gray Used to be you'd have to hit bar after bar until you found just the right jukebox, which promptly became your own personal lair of alcohol consumption. Folks demanded more freedom of choice, however, so many bars have switched...

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