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The education of Michelle Shocked

23 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Michelle Shocked doesn't get back to Dallas much anymore. She lives in New Orleans now, and though she lives in a state bordering Texas, she resides just far enough from her old home that she doesn't much think about Texas anymore--except, maybe, when she writes a song. But even then...

Bonus MP3: Michelle Shocked -- "Quality of Mercy"

11 years ago by Pete Freedman
Curious what Michelle Shocked is sounding like these days? We were, too. Here's your answer (for your downloading pleasure...): This is track 4 off ToHeavenURide. Enjoy. -- Pete Freedman...

Save Paste, Hear A Michelle Shocked Demo

10 years ago by Pete Freedman
Paste Magazine's been a big supporter of the DFW music scene in the past year or so, specifically dolling out the praise to a number of Denton bands. So on that note--and, yes, maybe we should have mentioned this earlier--may we direct your attention to the campaign to save the...

This Week In Dallas Music History: The Education of Michelle Shocked

8 years ago by Daniel Hopkins
This week in 1996, Unfair Park's Own Robert Wilonsky got down to brass tacks with Texas singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked, whose career was unexpectedly started a decade earlier.In the story, Wilonsky retells the somewhat widely known story of Shocked's hijacked beginnings. "She recorded the songs on a fan's weak-batteried Walkman only...

Michelle Shocked To, Ahem, Shock Crowds At House of Blues

11 years ago by Pete Freedman
Welcome back, Ms. Shocked. We haven't really heard from soulful Dallas native Michelle Shocked since she released her live disc, ToHeavenURide--a recording from her performance alongside a gospel choir at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival--in September 2007. Well, we just got an update: She's coming to town on April 24 for...

Now Michelle Shocked Is On Yahoo! News, Because That's What Internet Outrage Does

6 years ago by Dan Moore
The internet is a perfectly efficient outrage generator. People need things to be super-pissed about, so that they can express their social positions to their friends; they burn through that outrage in an orgy of vague, well-intentioned social media protest; they look for something else to be super-pissed about, having...

Michelle Shocked Isn't A Lesbian, Loves God...Basically, This Is A Bible Girl Column.

11 years ago by Pete Freedman
Michelle Shocked See also: Michelle Shocked Does Not Hate Gay People, So Why Did She Say God Does? Folksinger, big-band shouter and born-again gospel vocalist Michelle Shocked returns to her hometown of Dallas tomorrow for the first time in seemingly forever. Spanning nearly 25 years, Shocked's career has been a...

Michelle Shocked Does Not Hate Gay People, So Why Did She Say God Does? [Update: There Was Bad Information on the Internet! Surprise!]

6 years ago by Kiernan Maletsky
Update, 3/22: You can listen to audio from Michelle Shocked's rant below. So we have a great deal of information now -- her initial lunatic outburst, her highly measured response and the reaction of the masses. Judge for yourself. Update, 3/20: The Texas Observer has an open letter from Michelle...

Tonight, Tonight: Michelle Shocked at AllGood Café, Jason Isbell at Hailey's, Serena-Maneesh at The Loft and The Independents at the Double Wide

9 years ago by Darryl Smyers
Another Wednesday rolls around, and there are a number of intriguing musical options with it.....

Show Announcements: Rhett Miller, Ben Kweller, Spune 2K10 Ice Cream Social, Telegraph Canyon, Dwight Yoakam, Delorean, Helmet, Guided By Voices, Gorillaz, Adam Lambert, Michelle Shocked and more

9 years ago by Daniel Hopkins
Rhett Miller's solo career has had its ups and downs, but overall, he's one of the most successful artists to come out of Dallas. His most recent self-titled album is his third solo effort, released last year to mixed reviews. He's still touring in support of it, and he'll be...

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