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Clyde Valentin Breaks Down Community Barriers with Ignite Arts Program at SMU

6 months ago by Atheena Frizzell
Dissecting Clyde Valentin’s mind is much like looking at a city's map. There are divisions and crossroads and, mostly, the bridges that he wants to cross. He builds by day, charts unmapped territory, and finds ways to see the city of Dallas through an unfiltered lens. His most steadfast effort...

A River Runs Through It

8 years ago by Alex Copeland
The most famous homage to the Mississippi River in musical theater might be Showboat’s “Ol’ Man River,” but it isn’t the only work to use the river as a means to discuss the unsavory aspects of our nation’s heritage. Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the 1984 musical...

Take me to the river

21 years ago by Sam Prestianni
From the gut-wrenching moan of the Delta blues to the brassy fire of New Orleans jazz, the Mississippi River has birthed some of this country's finest homegrown sounds. But for self-appointed hipsters in the coastal megalopolises of New York or Los Angeles, where voguish chart-toppers train their mikes toward bottom-line...

Comanche Vietnam Veteran Kenneth Looking Glass Visits North Texas To Drum, Tell Stories

2 years ago by Karen Gavis
Kenneth Looking Glass, a Comanche Vietnam veteran from Apache, Oklahoma, makes the trek to North Texas and elsewhere to drum and sing when called upon. His drum, made of bull hide, is about 14 inches deep. Looking Glass’ son Jimbo, 40, also drums and sings. Both men have been singing...

A river runs through it

23 years ago by Michael Sragow
William Faulkner's novella Old Man has a biblical magnetism--a primal moral pull. During the horrifying 1927 Mississippi flood, convicts are conscripted for disaster relief. A guard orders two of them to take out a boat, find a man clinging to a cotton house and a woman stuck in a cypress...

The Trinity River's White-water Feature Is Still There, Still Stupid

6 years ago by Jim Schutze
Next month the "White Water Feature" on the Trinity River just south of downtown will be three years old. This ugly chunky mound of concrete, built at a cost of $4 million and intended to be a man-made rapids for canoeists and kayakers, was so ill-conceived, poorly designed, badly made...
Best Of Winner

Best Musical

Show Boat

For the past few years, the Dallas Opera has been getting creative and producing works in more contemporary settings, but this year they made their most daring choice yet when they put on Show Boat, which, far from an opera, is a Broadway musical. Sure, the 1927 production about performers...

South Texas Decapitator Sentenced to Life in Prison

2 years ago by Christian McPhate
When she saw her 24-year-old son sleeping in his brother's bed, Rebecca Alexander grabbed a heavier blanket and tucked it in around him. It was early in the morning in late April 2016, and she'd just gotten up to get ready for work. She was worried when Jubal told her...

Dude, Sweet’s New Truffle Is Made Using the Only Caffeinated Plant Native to North America

3 years ago by Beth Rankin
In East Texas, an unremarkable-looking plant with bright red berries grows wild — and it grows everywhere. Used for landscaping filler by some and considered a nuisance plant by others, these plants are hardy enough to withstand even apocalyptic Texas drought. “The best we can tell is that they enjoy...

Best and Worst of Dallas Culture in 2017

2 years ago by Caroline North
You have to take the good with the bad. Getting the ratios right is the tricky part. How did Dallas' cultural scene fare in 2017?  Hey, we just report. You decide. Institutions that received fantastic news early this year, like the Dallas Theater Center (which won a Tony award) and...

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