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Dallas GOP’s Reagan Day Dinner Lineup Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

3 months ago by Stephen Young
There's parody, self-parody and then whatever the hell the Dallas County Republican Party is doing with the lineup it's put together for its annual Reagan Day Dinner next week. The slate of speakers the local GOP has assembled is so absurd that, when first spotted in the wild by the...

Onetime Teen Idol Jesse McCartney Has Devoted Fans All These Years Later

4 months ago by Isabel Arcellana
Jesse McCartney. Remember him? Listen to “Beautiful Soul” and it might ring a bell. Chances are someone you know had a poster of him, a CD of his or at the very least, a crush on him. McCartney was the king of Radio Disney in the early 2000s, singing his...

Dallas Observer Mixtape With TX Connect: Gemini, Joe Montana & More

3 years ago by Wanz Dover
| Gavin Guthrie has a gift for the follow through. Just a few years into his career as a dance music producer under the name TX Connect, Guthrie has more vinyl releases than most of his veteran peers in Dallas. In the past year alone, he dropped releases on European...


Action/Adventure, Drama, Suspense/Thriller

Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers and ... Dallas' Demi Lovato?

11 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Dallas' Demi Lovato Till, oh, 13 minutes ago I'd never heard the name Demi Lovato -- which, admittedly, is a little surprising, as the TV in our house does occasionally find itself tuned to the Disney Channel, courtesy a remote-control-savvy 4-year-old with whom we share the space. Regardless, the 15-year-old...

Paul Dano’s Wildlife Is a Superb Drama of a Fracturing American Family

7 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
The couple has begun to discover that raw truth that, around 1960, American novelists and filmmakers were only starting to face in their art: that the post-war dream of a little house and a little family just might not be enough to ensure happiness

Hannah Montana, More Gold Than Silver

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Does she go by Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana? Hannah Montana's at the Fort Worth Convention Center tonight -- oh, come on, like you didn't know that. But it's not too late to get your ducats to tonight's sold-out show: We've located plenty on eBay, ranging from $102.50 for a...

Skip Work Tomorrow and Stand in Line for Free Blake Shelton Tickets

8 months ago by Karen Gavis
Country music singer Blake Shelton will pop into Billy Bob’s for a free concert Thursday, Sept. 20. Starting at 10 a.m., the first 5,000 fans who show up can snag a wristband that’ll get them into the spontaneous concert. “Wristbands will be placed on the first 5,000 guests in line...

Frankie Leonie Is a 16-Year-Old Country Musician Who Wrote "Johnny Cash"

9 months ago by Eva Raggio
It’s a Monday night at The Rustic, and Frankie Leonie is waiting to get onstage. A schedule mix-up has resulted in the venue having no sound engineer for the night, and Leonie can’t perform until one of them drives in. Unfazed, she sits and eats with her mother and her...

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