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All the Way From Calcutta, India, Mother Teresa's Relics to Make Stop in Dallas

11 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
In recent days, newspapers in the Midwest and Northeast have been filled with accounts of churches packed with worshipers who've come to visit the relics of Mother Teresa -- among them, a lock of her hair, her tattered sandals, her rosary, even a vial filled with drops of her blood...

Last Night, Mother Teresa's Shoes and Rosary Returned to St. James Church in Oak Cliff

11 years ago by Patrick Michels
Twenty years after Mother Teresa visited Dallas to found a local order of her Missionaries of Charity, a choice selection of her personal effects returned to Oak Cliff's St. James Catholic Church last night, drawing a fair-sized crowd to a special evening mass. Auxiliary Bishop of Dallas Mark Seitz presided...

North Texas Ties to Capitol Protest Include 'Disappointed' Musicians and Straight Pride Organizers

2 days ago by Eva Raggio
Some people will show up to the opening of an envelope. Such is the case, it appears, with Mark Sahady and Brandon Navom from Massachusetts, who were recently called out on social media for answering President Donald Trump’s call to the Capitol on Jan. 6. Navom and Sahady have a...

Candace Valenzuela Bests Kim Olson in 24th Congressional District Runoff

6 months ago by Silas Allen
Candace Valenzuela, a member of the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD Board of Trustees, defeated retired Air Force Col. Kim Olson Tuesday in the Democratic runoff for Texas' 24th Congressional District. In a speech to supporters via Zoom, Valenzuela emphasized her background and how it informed her decision to run for Congress...

The New Holocaust and Human Rights Museum in Dallas Allows Visitors to Interview a Survivor

1 year ago by Ana Astri-O'Reilly
The Dallas Holocaust Museum has a new home. The new venue is five times the size of the former location on Record Street. And the changes keep on coming. The museum acquired a new name too. Now it’s the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. The 55,000-square-foot building will open...

Country Musician Roger Creager Runs with Bulls, Leading a Life Inspired by Hemingway

1 year ago by Kelly Dearmore
On just about any musician’s website there’s a biography page with a thick novel’s-worth of flowery, superlative-laden lingo describing the musician in question in terms that are rarely believable, let alone accurate. Every folk-ish singer is detailed as some sort of cross between Bob Dylan, Shakespeare, Nicola Tesla and Mother...

"Babe, I Just Shot the Kids": Henderson County Mother Arrested in Murders of 2 Daughters

3 years ago by Christian McPhate
Jacob Henderson, crying uncontrollably, told 911 dispatchers that his wife shot her two daughters, 7-year-old Kaylee and her 5-year-old half-sister, Kenlie, in the head. They’d been sleeping in the living room. "What did I do?" she can be heard saying in the background of the 911 call that the Henderson...

Tesar Barely Makes It Out Alive During Top Chef's Restaurant Wars

4 years ago by Paige Skinner
It’s restaurant wars! While it usually takes months, years, decades to open a restaurant, Top Chef expects its contestants to do it in three hours, give or take. This isn’t a big deal for Dallas chef John Tesar. In his career, he has opened 21 restaurants, 11 which were his...

Ancient Revenge Tale Electra Serves as Timely Indictment of Apathy

4 years ago by Katy Lemieux
For the last 10 years, Kevin Moriarty has been the resident chemist in the Arts District, where his latest concoction is an outdoor production of the Greek tragedy Electra. As the Dallas Theater Center’s artistic director, manipulating text and space are his bread and butter. Moriarty comes by his curiosity honestly. At...

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