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Find the Flavors of Myanmar in Lewisville

8 months ago by Paige Weaver
Burmese food, from the country of Myanmar, is a cuisine not pervasive in Dallas. While you can easily find food from many Asian countries in Dallas-Fort Worth, Burmese food is seemingly underrepresented. Myanmar is in Southeast Asia, bordered by Thailand, Laos, India, China and Bangladesh. The flavors of its food...

Coronavirus Pandemic Creates New Worries for North Texas Refugees

5 months ago by Tyler Hicks
Refugees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the organizations that work with them worry that the coronavirus pandemic and the economic turmoil it's causing will make life harder for an already-vulnerable group of people. “My parents’ work is no longer safe, and they don't have many hours to work,” says...

Onward Christian Soldier: Dallas Documentarian Captures Story of the Free Burma Rangers

8 months ago by Liam Gaughan
When he sent an email to the Free Burma Rangers in early 2004, filmmaker Chris Sinclair didn’t expect that in a few short months he’d be hiking across Thailand taking photos of displaced individuals. And he certainly didn’t expect that years later, he’d create a documentary telling the story of...

Tales of Dallas: a Bald Eagle at White Rock Lake and Foragers from Myanmar

3 years ago by Jim Schutze
Explore any aspect of Dallas as intently as naturalist Ben Sandifer does on his birding and biking expeditions, and you are bound eventually to see all the rest of the city somewhere in the weave, especially if you look at all of it with the same wonder. Sandifer’s most recent...

This Dallas Supper Club Features Refugee Cooks From Iraq, Myanmar, Syria and Other Countries

2 years ago by Amanda Albee
As protesters flocked to D/FW International Airport last year to speak out against President Donald Trump's travel ban, friends Olga Pope and Kim Simithraaratchy decided to take their own kind of action. Simithraaratchy was born to Vietnamese refugees and wanted to show those seeking asylum a different side of America. After...

Dallas (and Observer)-Tied Trump Official Busted for Lying on Résumé

12 months ago by Stephen Young
U.S. State Department official and former Dallas media darling Mina Chang had a bad day Monday. Just before lunch, NBC News posted a triple-bylined investigative piece outlining how Chang worked her way into a job as deputy assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, thanks to a puffed-up résumé and fake Time magazine...

Thanks, Zuck, but Maybe We Should Stick with T.J. on This One

2 years ago by Jim Schutze
Facebook announced last week it will begin expurgating from its pages types of speech that the site believes may lead to actual violence, as opposed to just offending the hell out of people. I’m thinking thanks, Mr. Zuckerberg. I get it. I see why you’re doing it, but I wish...

Peace Through Understanding: Why This Dallas Baptist Church Is Hosting a Ramadan Dinner

2 years ago by Taylor Adams
Visitors will fill a room in Wilshire Baptist Church to share a meal Thursday. They're not sharing communion or having a fellowship potluck in the East Dallas church but are coming together through Ramadan, a sacred month for those who practice Islam. Dialogue Institute Dallas, an organization based in Richardson,...

Youth Food Justice Internship Brings Refugee Kids to Dallas Kitchens

3 years ago by Daniel Rockey
The International Rescue Committee, a refugee aid organization, has paired up with an unlikely ally in Dallas: Eno’s Pizza. As part of the Youth Food Justice internship, three refugee children were selected to learn about Dallas, food and more. The interns are Pay Pay, a long-haired, bubbly high school junior...

How Dallas' Schools Are Preparing for the Surge of Kids from Central America

6 years ago by Emily Mathis
Exactly one year ago, Dallas ISD's Student Intake Center began taking responsibility for every immigrant student coming into the district. The Center focuses on processing the kids who have never attended American schools before, by checking immunization records and other documents, and evaluating their level of education. The Center is...

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