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National Geographic Society Awards Two Dallas Zoo Staffers Grants for Their Projects on Penguins and Amphibians

2 years ago by Raegan Scharfetter
Two Dallas Zoo staffers won big for conservation after receiving a grant of roughly $70,000 from the National Geographic Society. Supervisor of Birds Kevin Graham and Curator of Ectotherms Ruston Hartdegen will join the ranks of renowned conservationists like Jane Goodall and Jacques Cousteau, all while working on personal field...

The Concert Industry Is Struggling to Keep Afloat. Is Anyone Listening?

10 days ago by Jacob Reyes
Ken Welker, owner of 13th Floor Booking, has not let the challenges of the year get in his way. With the booking agency, Welker has found that adaptability is the game to play in the fight to keep the live-event industry afloat. Drive-in, virtual, outdoor, socially distant and intimate shows...

Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support in North Texas

1 month ago by Aria Bell
The COVID-19 pandemic has given the nation a chance to observe, reflect, mobilize and unite to end systemic racism. While there are many ways to get involved with social reform organizations and to plan and prepare for protesting, one significant way to uplift black communities is by shopping locally at...

Herd Immunity is a Baaad Idea, North Texas Doctors Say

2 months ago by Simone Carter
National pandemic adviser Scott Atlas, who does not have a background in epidemiology, is pushing for the White House to implement a “herd immunity” strategy to combat the coronavirus, The Washington Post reported Monday. Advocates for herd immunity, whereby a population becomes naturally immune to a disease via unchecked spread,...

Fixing History: Fighting For Black Inclusion in the Education System

2 months ago by Jacob Vaughn
Marvin Dulaney says he came out of high school as one of the victims of the American education system. "It did not teach me one thing about any African or African-American person who had ever done anything in history," he says. But Dulaney says the miseducation of Americans about the African-American...

Before Dolly Parton, the Chicks Set the Political Stage for Women in Country

2 months ago by Alexandra Lang
Most politically active artists belong to the pop, hip-hop and rock genres; historically, country artists haven't exactly been known to voice their political opinions, especially when those opinions contradict the core beliefs of the majority of the country music fan base. While Johnny Cash advocated for Native Americans and prisoners,...

'God Must Be Doing Cocaine': Anthems for the Pandemic

2 months ago by Emaan Majed
The pandemic has not been exactly ideal for our health, with 5.5 million confirmed cases of COVID and up to 40% of adults struggling with either mental illness or substance abuse, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Songs that earlier may have seemed a little melodramatic and...

Duh: North Texas Doctors Recommend Getting COVID-19 Vaccine When It's Available

3 months ago by Simone Carter
Since the pandemic began, health experts have heralded future coronavirus vaccines as potential godsends. But skepticism surrounding immunization may prevent some from embracing them. No matter how foolproof a vaccine is, it won’t properly work if people don’t get it, said Dr. Eric Bing, professor of global health at Southern...

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy Brings the Superheroes to Dallas

3 months ago by Alex Gonzalez
In the Season 1 finale of Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy, Vanya Hargreeves (Ellen Page), a superhero-turned-villain whose power is the ability to convert sound into energy, plays a concert that results in an apocalypse. When her brother Five (Aidan Gallagher) manages to gather all of their siblings in...

8 Best Live or Livestreamed Concerts, July 6-11

4 months ago by Diamond Rodrigue
This week, we’re back to livestreams and half-capacity live concerts (as long as the joints operate as a restaurant). Hey, at least we can justify more nights of living room dance parties with or without pants on. But don’t forget to support these talented folks. Most live streamed shows have...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.