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Statue at DMA Is Just One of Nepal’s Many Pillaged Works

9 months ago by Silas Allen
When a centuries-old bronze statue now on loan to the Dallas Museum of Art was stolen from a Hindu temple in Nepal 36 years ago, it became one of hundreds of ancient cultural artifacts that have been illegally removed from the country over the last six decades. Since the 1950s,...

One of Nepal’s Biggest Bar-and-Grill Chains Makes a Splash in Irving

8 months ago by Brian Reinhart
Bajeko Sekuwa has locations in Nepal, where the chain has become famous for its grilled meats, momo dumplings and local comfort foods. Irving’s location is the second to debut outside Nepal.

Cafemandu Brings a Taste of Nepal to Irving — Including Nine Kinds of Momo Dumplings

2 years ago by Brian Reinhart
It all started, in part, because of a chicken burger. Dipesh Acharya’s home country, Nepal, is in love with burgers. But Nepal is also 80 percent Hindu, so restaurants there can’t make patties out of beef. Local chefs responded with a logical new fusion food: a ground chicken burger graced...

Texans Stranded at the Top of the World by Coronavirus

7 months ago by Sarah Schumacher
Texas signpainter Sean Starr and his Jennifer Baker are still stuck in Nepal after a trip that coincided with Coronavirus and international border closing.

Peak Restaurant and Bar

Irving’s first Nepalese sports bar was worth the wait, and it’s making the rest of the North Texas cities jealous. Only at Peak Restaurant can you watch a football game with a pint of Dos Equis...
Nepalese, Indian

For Momo Shack, a Momo Is More Than Just Food: ‘It Is Love’

8 months ago by Sriya Reddy
Around the kitchen table, an assembly line is formed with each member assigned to one task. Some put the filling in the middle of the dough, while others, with a graceful and repetitive folding motion, finish up the momo. These memories are some of Leezen Amatya’s favorites. To him, momos...

For Rakkasan Tea Company’s Owners, It’s All About the Origin Story

8 months ago by Philip Kingston
What’s in a cup of tea? The rebellious seeds of our democracy, sure. But tea, at least in America, is a  contemplative drink, maybe a comfort during illness or a holiday tradition. It’s a peaceful, social drink. In much of the rest of the world, tea fills the role that...

Dallas Museum of Art Displayed a Stolen Bronze Statue of a Nepalese Deity, Art Historian Claims

9 months ago by Garrett Gravley
The act of looting cultural property such as art has been regarded as a significant problem during times of war, but most people don't know that the practice also festers on a peaceful front. Case in point: Erin L. Thompson, professor of art crime ( by the way, imagine the...

Don’t Call Famous Exchange a Band. It’s a Collective, and It Saves Lives.

9 months ago by Tyler Hicks
The first thing you need to know about Famous Exchange is that they are more than a band. Sure, they are a trio of musicians who play shows, produce songs and release them into the world. Sometimes those songs get a serious lift from the Spotify algorithm. Sometimes they get...

9 Trends That Helped Define Dallas Food in 2019

10 months ago by Brian Reinhart
Beet salads, meat-and-cheese boards and grilled shishito peppers popped up on a lot of Dallas menus in 2019. But some bigger, broader trends also affected the way that we ate this year. Several were good, several were bad and others could go either way. Let’s break them down. Good: The...

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