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Cafemandu Brings a Taste of Nepal to Irving — Including Nine Kinds of Momo Dumplings

8 months ago by Brian Reinhart
It all started, in part, because of a chicken burger. Dipesh Acharya’s home country, Nepal, is in love with burgers. But Nepal is also 80 percent Hindu, so restaurants there can’t make patties out of beef. Local chefs responded with a logical new fusion food: a ground chicken burger graced...

How to Explain the Dallas Restaurant Scene to Out-of-Towners

27 days ago by Brian Reinhart
The Dallas food scene is a confusing, tumultuous place. Restaurants open and close constantly, and fads seem to sweep in from the coasts with regularity before receding. For out-of-towners, Dallas is especially mysterious because our reputation is out-of-date. Around America, food lovers know Houston is a mellow melting pot of...

Paul Oakenfold — DJ for the People — Will Be Spinning at Day 2 of KAABOO Festival

4 months ago by Elvis Anderson
Paul Oakenfold is a DJ with a purpose. There is a philanthropic component in many of his recent shows. His 2017 set at Mount Everest base camp benefited Himalayan Trust and Supporting Nepal’s Children, two efforts helping survivors of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Last September, he and fellow U.K. legend...

How Did Irving Become One of the Country’s Most Vibrant Nepalese Food Enclaves?

6 months ago by Brian Reinhart
Consider the momo. The momo comes in many forms, but in all of them it is Nepal’s iconic snack. In the Himalayas, momos can be eaten on nearly every urban street corner and in nearly every kitchen. To call the momo a kind of dumpling would be accurate, but simplistic;...

A New Sports Bar in Irving Serves Traditional Nepali Food and Mango Lassi Vodka Shots

7 months ago by Brian Reinhart
Peak Restaurant, which opened on Belt Line Road in Irving last July, is a sports bar in a suburb with precious few places to drink. It’s also a proudly Nepali-Tibetan kitchen with stellar traditional food.

Meet the Sleekly Branded Duo Behind This Recurring Dumpling Pop-Up

1 year ago by Paige Weaver
On Sept. 1, a dumpling pop-up is coming to Four Corners Brewing Company. Hosted by cooking duo Hao & Dixya, this event will feature dumplings from various regions. Hao & Dixya is a partnership between Hao Tran and Dixya Bhattarai. Frustrated with the lack of dumpling places in Fort Worth,...

Dallas Outgrew the “Pan-Asian” Food Fad. Imoto and Musume Didn’t.

12 months ago by Brian Reinhart
As Dallas has rightly evolved past "Pan-Asian" cuisine, new restaurants Imoto and Musume double-down on the tired food trend.

Art of the Deal, Kompromat, Elaborate Theories. Can't He Just Be an Idiot?

1 year ago by Jim Schutze
This is coming from me, a local columnist in Dallas, Texas, so basically I bring no authority, expertise or gravitas to the subject and shouldn’t even be opening my mouth. My excuse is a column I read on the op-ed page of The Dallas Morning News this morning, but between...

Meet Jennifer Price, the Woman Behind Kimbell Art Museum's Non-European Collection

1 year ago by Karen Gavis
A peek into the windowless office of Jennifer Price offers an extraordinary view of the world. Price brought many of the postcards that line the walls with her 25 years ago, she says, when she moved from New York to become Asian and non-Western art curator for the Kimbell Art...

Music Pioneer Paul Oakenfold Plots His Dallas Show, Revisits His Past and Drinks His Tea

2 years ago by Elvis Anderson
My conversation with Paul Oakenfold at his home in Hollywood Hills, California, begins like most with a proper Englishman — with an offer for tea. “I learned to make a proper cup of tea while I was running around in India," he says. "You make the tea and let it...

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