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‘Seasons and Rhythm/Estaciones y Ritmo’ Project Reflects Vibrant Culture of Oak Cliff

3 months ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
The measured ka-thunk of cars passing overhead and a summer breeze funneling through the underpass was a fitting stage for the unveiling of an art project titled “Seasons and Rhythm/Estaciones y Ritmo” Saturday morning. A group of community leaders, neighbors, police officers and firefighters gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at...

Coronavirus Isn’t Killing Texas Bars and Restaurants. Politicians Are.

3 months ago by Brian Reinhart
There’s an old saying that’s been expressed a hundred different ways, which goes something like this: It’s not about how you fall, but how you rise back up. Or: “I get knocked down, but I get up again / You are never gonna keep me down.” No matter how you...

The Amazing Sandwich Sounds at Brown Bag Provisions

4 months ago by Nick Rallo
Porchetta is a signpost that leads to great things. In Rome, you’ll see them in the salumeria windows, some halved like a gemstone. The cross section reveals ores of fennel, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper stuffed loin, wrapped and cinched in pork belly. It’s rolled up in the shape of...

Well, Reruns Are Better Than Nothing: 10 Games to Watch This Weekend

8 months ago by Stephen Young
Things, as you've surely noticed, are getting weird. Thursday brought a cascade of bad news, from the critical — the U.S. still isn't testing nearly enough people for the coronavirus — to the mundane — sports, basically all of them, are canceled for the foreseeable future. Dallas, Texas, the United...

Pucker Up: EDX Will Bring His ‘First Kiss Music’ to Deep Ellum Art Co.

8 months ago by Elvis Anderson
He was born Maurizio Colella, but dance music fans know him as EDX. And we'll never know why exactly. Our interrogation-like attempts to uncover the meaning of "EDX" were all shot down by the producer, DJ and executive. We took our best jabs in search of an answer, but they...

DFW International Airport Is Testing the World’s First Robot Baggage Handlers

1 year ago by Nicholas Bostick
In the years before smartphones, self-driving cars and virtual reality headsets, one of the first major technological advances U.S. households got their hands on was, of course, the Roomba. The roundish dust-sucking robots were surely a sign of the future way back in 2002, but by now the novelty of...

A Global Burger Chain Is Serving Dallas Sandwiches With the Buns Flipped Inside Out

1 year ago by Brian Reinhart
Wayback Burgers has an, uh, interesting way of doing things.

Seth Meyers Has Plenty to Say About Things Other Than Politics and ‘A Certain Person’s Name’

2 years ago by Danny Gallagher
When Saturday Night Live star and writer Seth Meyers moved from the Weekend Update desk that he shared with the likes of Amy Poehler and his insane, gay lover, Stefon, to NBC's Late Night desk, he says he and his team thought the audience would gravitate toward bits and segments...

Dallas Observer Mixtape: The Year in Dallas Dance Music 2018

2 years ago by Wanz Dover
Dance music has always had a contentious relationship with mainstream Dallas culture. Going out in the city’s nightlife hot spots like Deep Ellum and Uptown, you might think this is the land of trap, top 40 and hip-hop with not much room for anything else. But underneath the surface, local...

Van Valkenburgh Plan for Trinity River Park Is Six Flags for Rich People

2 years ago by Jim Schutze
Last week I walked into Gilley’s in the Cedars and found a huge room packed shoulder-to-shoulder with sleek, gray-headed men in great suits or golf leisure clothes, many of them arm and arm with skinny women sporting $220 hair dyes and shoes beyond my comprehension. The event was the unveiling...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.