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New Look at New England

15 years ago by Shannon Sutlief
Check out this teapot. It looks like any other: short, stout. Here is its handle. Here is its spout. But what you can't see is the story of this vessel. This teapot, made of pewter and wood in the mid-1700s in either England or Boston, Massachusetts, was owned by an...

Stonedeck Pizza Pub Launches Delivery Hot Dogs Topped With, Well, Just About Anything

26 days ago by Nick Rallo
There have been whispers — David Haynes has heard the gossip from friends — that he’s restaurant cheating. It’s been about five years since he and wife and business partner Catherine Jacobus opened the doors of a thin-crust pizza joint on the corner of Elm and Good Latimer, and they’re embracing...

Starck Reality: Reappraising Dallas’ Most Controversial Nightclub, 30 Years Later

1 month ago by Jeff Gage
Under a sweltering midafternoon sun one day in late May, a backhoe digs at the earth where Dallas’ Brewery Building once stood on the edge of Victory Park. Traffic snakes along the nearby Woodall Rodgers overpass, circling the parking lot and rail yard at its far end. A dull, gray...

Our New Music and Culture Editor Tried on Many Cultures Before Falling for Dallas

3 months ago by Eva Raggio
I was born in England, but my family is from Argentina, of Italian descent. In any of those places, I’d be deemed a foreigner. I like to think that those roots are still deep, no matter how neglected, and I never thought I’d do my true growing up in Dallas...

Singer Alex Blair Finds Freedom Through Music and Modeling

2 months ago by Tyler Hicks
Alex Blair has a show in an hour or so. It’s her Thursday residency at The Mitchell, a spot she calls “chill,” which may be the perfect adjective to describe the soulful jazz singer. “The Mitchell fits me nicely,” she says, sipping a vanilla cold brew at a Starbucks off...

A Dallas Family’s Recipes Are Making Indian Cuisine More Accessible for Home Cooks

2 months ago by Beth Rankin
It’s Friday night, and I’m standing over a hot stove watching whole coriander seeds and green cardamom seeds shimmer in hot ghee, trying not to burn anything. I have been warned not to burn the seeds — that it’s oh, so easy to do — and so I watch like...

Paul Oakenfold — DJ for the People — Will Be Spinning at Day 2 of KAABOO Festival

2 months ago by Elvis Anderson
Paul Oakenfold is a DJ with a purpose. There is a philanthropic component in many of his recent shows. His 2017 set at Mount Everest base camp benefited Himalayan Trust and Supporting Nepal’s Children, two efforts helping survivors of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Last September, he and fellow U.K. legend...

Exploring the Fashion at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

3 months ago by Karen Gavis
Just inside the gates of Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Kymberly Nielsen helps make magic by dressing and accessorizing a slew of dragons, fairies, nobles, woodsman, pirates and peasants. “We try to create a show,” says Nielsen, whose family owns Suit Your Fancie, a costume shop that rents attire for...

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