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New Look at New England

16 years ago by Shannon Sutlief
Check out this teapot. It looks like any other: short, stout. Here is its handle. Here is its spout. But what you can't see is the story of this vessel. This teapot, made of pewter and wood in the mid-1700s in either England or Boston, Massachusetts, was owned by an...

The New Pornographers’ Carl Newman Gets Hardcore About the Band’s Future

18 days ago by Michael Bialas
Twenty years ago, Carl Newman was a 30-something, still-aspiring rock star from the Vancouver area who as founder, creative force and bandleader of The New Pornographers, was working on their debut album, Mass Romantic.  Now 51, living with his wife Christy and their son Stellan in an idyllic setting in...

Artist Mark Dion Retraced the Steps of Past Adventurers Traveling Through Texas

3 days ago by Karen Gavis
An antique baby buggy full of sun-bleached animal bones, a rusty aerosol can missing its spray nozzle and plastic buckets brimming with other assorted oddities. We're not talking about a Jeff Foxworthy punchline here  — these are all items now on display at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art...

Road Trip Leads To New Arrival in West Village as Teasom Brings Blended Teas to Uptown

1 month ago by Taylor Adams
Just about two weeks ago, Teasom quietly opened in West Village, where founder Minji Son is hoping to bring Dallas a new kind of drink experience. “We want to be the gateway into the tea world,” she says. The space is appropriately small — at least, you’ll see it and...

Will Clarke Will Be DJing at It’ll Do Club Sporting Dance Music’s Best Beard, of Course

6 days ago by Elvis Anderson
It wouldn't be far-fetched to assume that DJ and producer Will Clarke moved to Detroit from England to summon the greatness of local techno legends Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, but that wasn't the case. Detroit is rich with music history as the birthplace for Motown and a...

Stage West’s Ada and the Engine Is a Romance With Mathematics

1 month ago by Anna Lowery
Everybody loves a good romance story. Love is one of the universals present in human storytelling from its beginning, and it is sure to remain a staple until we are gone. Of course, love’s accessibility has also lead to a vast number of uninteresting, melodramatic, unbelievable romances. Love stories are...

Dry January Is BS ... and Here’s How to Fix It

1 month ago by Susie Oszustowicz
Screw Dry January ... we just found some cocktails that are a little better for us.

Let’s Talk Ourselves into Thinking the Cowboys Have a Chance vs. Patriots

3 months ago by Stephen Young
First things first, before we get all mealymouthed and try to make the case for the Cowboys, still in the wilderness after all these years, slaying Goliath on Sunday afternoon, we should all be thankful. This weekend, the last one before the three-day, pre-holiday slog and the feast that hopefully...

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