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New Look at New England

17 years ago by Shannon Sutlief
Check out this teapot. It looks like any other: short, stout. Here is its handle. Here is its spout. But what you can't see is the story of this vessel. This teapot, made of pewter and wood in the mid-1700s in either England or Boston, Massachusetts, was owned by an...

Dallasites Share Their Favorite Memories and Dishes of Thanksgiving

3 days ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
This year as we give thanks with our nuclear units, we might find ourselves reflecting on years past, when we lived outside a quarantine bubble. Remember the year we all did the mannequin challenge? Or that time your siblings laughed at you when you singed your eyebrows checking the gas...

The Best Movies To Watch This Fall

2 months ago by Thomas Lowery
It’s September, which means it’s time to part ways with the long, hot summer, unpack your sweaters and take a deep breath of cool autumn air. Always a festive season, there are myriad ways to get into the fall spirit: baking pumpkin pies, picking apples, drinking seasonal beers, cool afternoon...

Review: A Chef with African Roots and Global Training Brings Fine Dining to Garland

2 months ago by Brian Reinhart
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but ambitious young chefs looking for big opportunities to show off their skills should consider the suburbs. This goes against everything an urbanist Oak Cliff dweller like me should believe. But the thought was inescapable as I walked into Pangea, a triumphant new Garland...

Music News: Dezi 5 and Cure For Paranoia Team Up, Smash Mouth Concert Costs Billions

3 months ago by Diamond Rodrigue
In case you missed it: Indie darling Sarah Jaffe and multi-instrumentalist/producer Roberto Sanchez teamed up earlier this year in support of Jaffe’s latest EP Smut. Since then, they formed Golden Aquarians and released the debut single “High Enough” on Sept. 4. A gem in local music, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and educator...

Do the Side Hustle: Musicians Get Creative to Survive Pandemic Unemployment

3 months ago by Alex Gonzalez
At the beginning of 2020, artists and entertainers planned their gigging calendar for the year. We know what happened next. The pandemic-sized cancellations and venue shutdowns left artists who rely solely on performing for income wondering where their next meal would come from. In the early stages of COVID, Federal...

Craft and Growler

Officially open in November of 2012, Craft & Growler's warm mahogany interior initially seems better suited for a New England setting, although the beer list proves otherwise. The bar's 30 taps...
Gastro Pub, Bars and Clubs

Web Series Covid Couple Imagines a Long-Distance Divorce in the Zoom Era

5 months ago by Alex Gonzalez
From a creative perspective, the first thought on some people’s minds during the pandemic is “What kind of art will come of this?” Screenwriters and producers are scrambling to create original film and television programs inspired by COVID-19. Meanwhile, a Dallas actress is already ahead of the game. On a...

Called for Face-Masking: Texas’ Favorite Sport Must Tackle a Deadly Opponent

5 months ago by Richie Whitt
No pass, no play. In 1984, that was the blunt nickname of sweeping educational reform led by Dallas businessman Ross Perot that mandated Texas high-school athletes make a grade of 70-plus in all classes or be sidelined in their sport. In 2020, it’s potentially life or death. Dictated by the...

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