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New Zealand Chess Drama The Dark Horse Wins Out Over Familiarity

4 years ago by Bilge Ebiri
The main attraction in the engaging, largely predictable chess drama The Dark Horse is the gripping lead performance by Cliff Curtis, a part-Maori actor from New Zealand who has spent more than two decades doing notable character parts in big films. You’ll likely recognize his face: His look suggests, at...

Dallas Influencers Unfazed by Instagram’s Plan to Remove Public ‘Likes’

14 days ago by Ryann Gordon
Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced last week upcoming plans to remove the ability to see others’ likes from the platform in the U.S. On their quest to become the safest place on the internet, Mosseri provided reasoning to BuzzFeed that the decision was “about creating a less pressurized environment where...

The Dallas Symphony Will Premiere a Concerto for Timpani, Wine Glasses and Bouncy Balls

1 month ago by Brian Reinhart
The timpani are among a symphony orchestra’s most exciting instruments. There’s nothing quite like a musician pounding away on wide kettledrums made from copper. But aside from the occasional dramatic drumroll, timpani don’t really get big solo moments. That changes this weekend, when the Dallas Symphony premieres a new concerto...

Trump’s Massive Tariffs on European Food and Wine Bring Uncertainty to the Dallas Food Scene

2 months ago by Brian Reinhart
On Friday, the Trump administration will officially enact a massive tariff on food and wines imported from Europe. Leaders of the Dallas food industry aren’t quite sure what will happen yet, but they’re watching carefully. The 25% tariff will be slapped on all Scotch whisky; non-sparkling French, Spanish and German...

10 Underappreciated Animals at the Dallas Zoo

2 months ago by Caroline Pritchard
Visitors have been flocking to the Dallas Zoo all summer to see Bahati, the lion cub who lent his image to the new Lion King. But on their tour of the so-called giants of the Savannah, many people overlook some of the zoo’s most interesting creatures. The Dallas Zoo’s most...

A Moment To Honor 3 on the Right Side of History, Saturday Notwithstanding

6 months ago by Jim Schutze
You know who you are. If I’m talking to you, you know how I feel. I know how you feel. This is like a mini version of the week after Donald Trump got elected. Oh, Canada! And then, “Oh, no! I don’t have a job in Canada.” So let’s take...

Dear Joe: Just Don’t Do the Not-a-Bone-in-My-Body Thing. Better to Be Quiet.

5 months ago by Jim Schutze
Please, deliver us. Before this presidential election is over, is every old white guy in America going to say the not-a-racist-bone thing? If nobody’s got a racist bone in his body, how in the hell did we get here? This whole election is about race. The whole country is about...

The 2019/20 Season Marks the Beginning of a New Era for the Dallas Symphony

10 months ago by Chelsey Norris
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is under new management — both artistic and administrative — with CEO Kim Noltemy, who took the reins in the middle of the 2017/18 season, and new music director Fabio Luisi. Amidst these monumental changes, the DSO has teased several new initiatives and fresh programming, many...

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