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"We're all terrified of forgetting what he looked like or sounded like," says David Wheeler in Newtown, Kim A. Snyder's transfixing documentary portrait of collective grief and resilience. Wheeler, like many of the bereaved parents and siblings interviewed for Snyder's film, finds some comfort in old photos and home movies, in his case anything...

After 50-Plus Years and Several Mass Shootings, Not Much Has Changed for Gun Control in Texas

11 months ago by Stephen Young
Friday morning's shooting at a high school in Santa Fe left eight students and two teachers dead and forced state officials to assume up their usual positions. Another catastrophic act of gun violence had happened in the state, and there were thoughts to think and prayers to pray. Texas Gov...

Wayne LaPierre Says He Isn't "Dystopia Wayne," Proclaims the End of America Is Near

12 months ago by Stephen Young
Repeatedly Saturday morning, Wayne LaPierre warned that the media was going to misrepresent the speech he was giving at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting. The writers sprinkled throughout the Dallas Convention Center ballroom in which he spoke to NRA members had already made up their minds, he said, to...

Former NBC 5 Reporter Explains Why He Sledgehammers the Messenger in NRA TV Ad

1 year ago by Danny Gallagher
The advertising campaigns for the National Rifle Association's streaming channel NRA TV have become something of a red-meat factory for its most ardent supporters and a target for criticism as the group turns its aim toward the media. The latest commercial featuring NRA TV host and former KXAS-TV (NBC 5) reporter...

Last Week's Dallas Cop Shooting Was a New World Order Conspiracy, Crazy Video Says

3 years ago by Stephen Young
As was inevitable. The conspiracy theories about last week's police shooting in Dallas are sprouting. According to YouTube user WhoCares, who crafted the intricate video seen below from footage shot by Central Track intern Sidney Johnson, the bystanders who witnessed Thursday night's ambush in Dallas weren't bystanders at all. They...

Is DPD Ready For the Psychological Damage of the Downtown Ambush?

3 years ago by Erin Stone
It’s been a little over a month since the killings of five law enforcement officers, four of them from the Dallas Police Department, and Lt. Alexander Eastman is on the lookout for its impact on the mental health of the force.   Eastman, a trauma surgeon at UT Southwestern Medical...

A Majority of Texans Favor an Assault Weapons Ban, But Their Politicians Don't

6 years ago by Brantley Hargrove
Texas, the Second Amendment bastion of sport shooters, concealed carriers and Stand-Your-Grounders, also favors a ban on assault weapons by a surprising margin -- 49 percent to 41 percent, according to Public Policy Polling. Texans oppose arming school teachers (56 percent to 31 percent), but also strongly favor putting cops...

Dallas Mayor Is More Scared of Gun-Toting White Guys Than Syrians, Which Is Smart

3 years ago by Eric Nicholson
Late Sunday night, The Dallas Morning News posted a banal piece announcing that Mayor Mike Rawlings had raised $30.5 million for a southern Dallas investment fund, a cornerstone of his GrowSouth initiative. The most controversial thing in the article was that the fund — which doesn't involve tax money, just the...

Rawlings Unveils Plan to Curb Violence, Says Dallas "Cannot Tolerate" Troubling Trend

6 years ago by Brantley Hargrove
Domestic violence killings were on the rise in Dallas last year, which might be one reason why Mayor Mike Rawlings called a presser Monday afternoon. Another could be the fact that exactly a month has passed since a deeply troubled young man slaughtered 26 people in Newtown, Connecticut, most of...

New Bar Trend Honoring Fallen Soldiers Hits Big Tony's Grill In McKinney

7 years ago by Sara Blankenship
Here's a serious one for you, Aters. Maybe you've heard this story that went viral recently: On St. Paddy's Day, a man named Jeff Beaurline walked into Pub 25 in Newtown, Connecticut, and asked the manager if he could leave a cold Guinness on the bar all day for Navy...

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