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New Dallas Opera CEO Ian Derrer Plans for Outreach, Inclusion

1 year ago by Monica Smart
After more than seven years at the helm, Keith Cerny resigned his position as CEO/general director of the Dallas Opera in December. Six months later, the Dallas Opera announced its choice to replace him. Ian Derrer is the new CEO and general director of the Dallas Opera, the eighth in...

Lily Taylor and Electronic Music Pioneer Gil Trythall to Debut Composition Tonight in Oak Cliff

1 year ago by David Fletcher
Top Ten Records in Oak Cliff will host a special event tonight featuring electronic music pioneer Gil Trythall and Dallas avant-pop composer Lily Taylor. The late-'60s and early-'70s saw the release of a series of albums composed on a Moog synthesizer. Inspired by Wendy Carlos’ synth masterpiece Switched-On Bach in...

Dallas Filmmaker Directs Movie That Fictionalizes Aftermath of Jim Croce's Death

2 years ago by Karen Gavis
Indie filmmaker Laura Scott was barely a teenager the night Jim Croce played his final concert in Natchitoches, Louisiana, but the memory has haunted her for more than four decades. Scott recently joined forces with Dallas filmmaker Israel Varela to direct The Johnny Starr Story, which she describes as a...

UNT's New Dean of Music Listened for a Year, and This Is What He Heard

2 years ago by Caroline North
When John Richmond got a call from the University of North Texas last spring, asking if he'd be interested in moving to Denton to head up its college of music, he already had 29 years of experience doing that exact thing at other major universities. In his shoes, another person...

DISD's New Grading Policies Go National, And Not in a Good Way

11 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
No matter how you parse it, the Dallas Independent School District's new do-over (or don't, whatever) policy when it comes to homework and tests doesn't sound good -- which is why it winds up on Page 2 of The Wall Street Journal this morning. The intention's good -- cutting dropout...

Anarchists Infiltrate Denton

3 years ago by Christian McPhate
Anarchists were active in Denton this election season, seeking to dethrone District 4 City Council member Joey Hawkins and place their own puppets on the council. At least that’s what the Citizens for Local Governance, a political action committee, warned on its website and in hundreds of mailers appearing in...

Two Weeks Before Its Debut, Dallas DNA Is Already Raising Some Ethical Questions

10 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog wonders this morning, "Is DNA exoneration too real for reality TV?" The show in question, of course, is Dallas DNA, Investigation Discovery's six-part series about Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, his office's Conviction Integrity Unit and the use of DNA to free those who've been...

VVM Vet Joe Tone Named Observer Editor

8 years ago by Patrick Williams
Joe Tone, a Village Voice Media veteran and former editor of the Pitch Weekly in Kansas City, was named editor of the Observer today. His first day on the job is Monday. Tone brings a broad mix of reporting, editing and web experience to the post. He previously worked as...

New National Database Shows Trends in Wrongful Convictions Across the Country

7 years ago by Leslie Minora
As most people who follow the news know by now, since Craig Watkins became Dallas County district attorney in 2007, 33 local men have been exonerated of crimes they didn't commit. But what does this number mean in the context of the rest of the nation, and what are the...

What's a Neighborhood Plus, Anyway?

4 years ago by Stephen Young
If you had just read this week's Dallas City Council agenda, you might have thought the meeting was a good opportunity to get informed about Neighborhood Plus, the program developed by the city in response to accusations that it illegally concentrated low-income housing in the southern part of town. You...

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