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Meek Mill’s The Motivation Tour is a Testament to the Power of Dreams

10 months ago by Mikel Galicia
Before superstar rapper Meek Mill walked onto the South Side Ballroom stage Friday night, the Philadelphia hero played a news clip in which he’s seen hopping out of an SUV and leaping into a helicopter owned by 76ers billionaire co-owner Michael Rubin — a dream come true for the 31-year-old...

Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys Finds Joy in the Deceptive Simplicities

29 days ago by Garrett Gravley
Embarking on arena tours and playing to thousands of adoring fans every night might seem glamorous and enticing on the surface, but the grating minutiae of this routine can take its toll on an artist. Meet-and-greets, for example, are unanimously considered a chore in the music industry, but just like...

The 21 Best Things to Do in Dallas, Sept. 16-22

3 months ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, September 16 Away from the White House: Presidential RetreatsGeorge W. Bush Presidential Center presents Away from the White House: Presidential Retreats, an exhibition of photographs of various presidential hideaways and homes away from the White House, from Mount Vernon to Mar-a-Lago. With historical artifacts, like Ronald Reagan’s aviator sunglasses...

Pete Loeffler of Chevelle, Who Play in Dallas Next Week, Says Texas Is Where It’s at

3 months ago by David Fletcher
Since the release of their 2002 breakthrough album Wonder What’s Next, Chevelle has been playing alternative metal at large-scale shows, like their upcoming Dallas concert with Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Dorothy and Diamante at Dos Equis Pavillion. Singer and guitarist Pete Loeffler looks back at a point in time,...

Chuck Billy of Testament is Ready for the End of CDs and Records

7 years ago by Darryl Smyers
It's pretty rare for a band to wait nearly three decades to release its best album, but that's exactly what Testament did. Last summer saw the release of Dark Roots of Earth, Testaments tenth and most accomplished work. Melding the old school fire of the band's previous efforts with a...

The Beach Boys Made Their Old Audience Feel Like Teens Again

9 months ago by Brad LaCour
The crowd at the Majestic Theatre to see the Beach Boys were seated and ready at 7:30, their bellies filled with dinner from two hours ago. Like any concert, the theater was filled with drugs — just this time they were all legally prescribed. There was never any doubt it...

A Car Wash Congregation Chants the Bible and Sings ‘Lay my Burden Down’

6 months ago by Jim Schutze
On a clear day last week, about 100 people gathered in the chapel of Lott’s Mortuary on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South Dallas to mourn the death of Sheila Davenport Sanders. Sanders, 56, was shot in the back June 2 in a crossfire at Jim’s Car Wash two...

Leon Bridges Turned Twilite Lounge Into a Human Sardine Can at Medicine Man Revival’s Show

7 months ago by Garrett Gravley
Is it possible that Leon Bridges is doing too many pop-up shows? Some would argue that it is more than just “possible” and, in fact, the truth, but that doesn’t matter. Fact is, Bridges is a star, and someone of his celebrity would likely avoid somewhere as down-to-earth as, say,...

Rainbow Kitten Surprise Is a Religious Experience — Literally, Every Song References the Bible

10 months ago by Augusta Rizzardini
Rainbow Kitten Surprise is everything you want in both a band name and a live show. It's a religious experience. We say that 99 percent literally, because if you do an actual analysis of their lyrics, you'll notice subtle and not-so-subtle Bible references that go way deeper than "Cocaine Jesus."...

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