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Oxford Collapse

13 years ago by Geoff Johnston
Oxford Collapse and Chin Up Chin Up perform Thursday, October 26 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio, Denton.

Oxford Collapse

15 years ago by Michael Chamy
Now here's an interesting cross-section of American indie-hood. Yes, the Oxford Collapse are from Brooklyn, and yes, they are dancy enough to name-drop electro-clashy Williamsburg alongside the nuevo No Wave of the Rapture and Les Savy Fav. Luckily, that background is immaterial to the crux of this taut trio and...

Vampire Weekend Shared Its Entire Artistic Life at Sunday Night’s Dallas Show

4 months ago by Preston Jones
There was no finer example of Vampire Weekend’s ability to walk a tightrope mood between pensive and propulsive than during its performance of hit single “This Life” on Sunday night. Before a near-capacity Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory, stricken with soporific summer heat, frontman Ezra Koenig and his bandmates sang...

‘No One Was More Punk Rock Than Johnny Cash.’ Why Shannon McNally Likens Country Music to Punk.

5 months ago by David Fletcher
From her home in Oxford, Mississippi, the folk-blues, country-rock singer-songwriter Shannon McNally calls to talk about her latest album, Black Irish, produced by country music legend Rodney Crowell ahead of her upcoming show at Sons of Hermann Hall on July 26. Upon finding out her interviewer's affinity for punk rock...

New Mayor with Very Thin Skin May Have Trouble As the City’s Civility Czar

6 months ago by Jim Schutze
Civility is big this year. A new Pew poll shows a majority of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, think the way President Donald Trump talks is “concerning” and “embarrassing” — not the notes you want jotted at the bottom of your annual review. And then here in Dallas we...

Before We Tell You About a Release, Let Us Explain What a Cypher Is in Hip-Hop

7 months ago by Roderick Pullum
Hip-hop lends itself to collaboration more than any other genre. You're not likely to find a rock, pop or country song with four lead singers from different bands, a scenario commonplace in rap music. When information is first released about a new song by rapper A featuring rapper B, it...

Matching Socks Required: Heather Rocks Two-Toned Oxfords at the Meddlesome Moth

8 years ago by Catherine Downes
Name: Heather Clark, 25 Occupation: Graphic Designer Location: Meddlesome Moth Style breakdown: "My shirt is from Anthropologie, tank top is from Target, pants and shoes are from Urban Outfitters. I have no idea where I got my socks but I'm glad they match, the necklace is my mom's and the...

Russian Trolls Successfully Peddled Texas Pride in 2016, Senate Reports Say

12 months ago by Stephen Young
If you thought Texas' Facebook fever swamp got especially weird as the 2016 election approached, you were right. According to a couple of new, third-party reports released by the Senate Intelligence Committee this week, the Internet Research Agency, the Russian troll farm behind the country's fake news campaign to interfere...

Emma Stone and The Favourite’s Royal Women Scheme Deliciously

1 year ago by Bilge Ebiri
It’s the early 18th century, there’s a war on with France, and the persistently ill, somewhat childish Anne struggles both to assert her authority and to preserve her kingdom and her crown

Control Over Trinity River Based on the Castle Frankenstein Model

1 year ago by Jim Schutze
The new $115 million bridge upon which no person may safely set foot is not going without notice or attention at City Hall. According to good sources who speak to me regularly in return for my promise of confidentiality, the city department that brought us the bad bridge is about...

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