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I Ate the Pancho Villa Burger at the New Harvey G's So You Don't Have To

4 years ago by Scott Reitz
I wasn't concerned until I reached into the brown paper bag to remove the burger I'd just ordered from Harvey G's. My first attempt to grasp the beast was too feeble and it slipped. I had to dig deeper, curl my hand under the tinfoil parcel and then lift. It...

El Rincon de Villa Gives Hugs and Has Cojones

9 years ago by José Ralat Maldonado
The iTunes library's shuffling between the culturally transcendent songs of El Mariachi Bronx and Calexico did little to help the taco. The taco was filled with what appeared to be the beloved, vermillion-oozing crumbled sausage, that meat so worthy of a hug. What it was really filled with was a...

Beto O'Rourke Slams Ted Cruz's Plan to Build a Border Wall With El Chapo's Money

2 years ago by Stephen Young
On Tuesday afternoon, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced a plan to help President Trump build the multi-billion dollar wall along the Mexican border that both politicians insist is essential securing America. Cruz's proposal would fund the wall with cash seized from illegal drug proceeds and identified the assets of drug...

Tired of the Sombrero Cliche, a Former Telenovela Star Opens a Lucha Libre Taqueria in Oak Cliff

2 years ago by Chris McDonald
Nestled in a shopping center on the corner of Keist and Hampton in sunny Oak Cliff, newly opened Maskaras Mexican Grill has entered the crowded ring of taquerias and Mexican restaurants in the DFW area. Not that there is anything wrong with more tacos in Dallas — Dallasites are more...

Sexual revolutionary

19 years ago by Jimmy Fowler
Dial the number of the Deep Ellum Center for the Arts, and a recording tells you it's no longer a working line. Step into the cavernous Commerce Street space on an upcoming weekend night, though, and you will discover the center is still very valuable in its dying gasp. Between...

Herrera's Cafe vs. Cafe Herrera: Which Does Dallas Tex-Mex Better?

3 years ago by Brian Reinhart
In 1971, the Herrera family opened its first restaurant, on Maple Avenue. Herrera’s became a Tex-Mex institution with multiple locations, each of which founder Amelia Herrera bequeathed to one of her children. One side of the family kept the original Herrera’s Café location alive, and in 2014 it moved to...

Vote Fraud: A Little Bit is Good for Democracy, Even When the GOP Does It

7 years ago by Jim Schutze
Latest twist in the great imaginary vote fraud epidemic of 2012: Now Republicans are nabbed doing exactly the same stuff they have accused Democrats of doing. In a piece in this morning's New York Times we get a peek at voter hanky-panky, GOP-style. An operative named Nathan Sproul, who has...

Ask a Mexican!

12 years ago by Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican, What do Mexicans think about President Bush's grandfather having a hand in getting the guy that robbed Pancho Villa's head out of jail? —Kruising Klassily in Kennebunkport Dear KKK, Ah, Villa's stolen skull. No macabre Mexican legend is more mired in intrigue, distortions and looniness. Here are the...

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