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Apostles of Park Slope


An Uneven Slope

15 years ago by Dave Faries
Every little ripple in the landscape bears a name, such as Walton's Mountain. Good example, really, because some people revered the sappy '70s family drama while others despised the show. Naturally, the characters suffered through various plot twists the likes of which we can't describe. We'd rather eat microwave pizza...

Fort Worth Artist Wesley Kirk Overcame Heartbreak by Wearing a Spacesuit in the Desert

2 months ago by Meredith Lawrence
A man in an olive green spacesuit pauses mid-stride half way down a red sand dune. Leg cocked to the side, he looks off into the distance. Bright pinpricks of stars dot the sky above him and a smudge of orange-tinged cloud rises up from the horizon. It could...

Lee Park Becomes Forum for Debate Over Embattled Confederate Statue

2 years ago by Stephen Young
They began gathering well before noon Wednesday, greeted by police and gathered around barricades surrounding Lee Park. They wanted action, either to see the statue of Robert E. Lee taken down after a Dallas City Council vote that seemed preordained, or to see it saved at the last minute. Around...

Will the Supreme Court's Sports Betting Decision Provide Revenue or Send Texas Down a Dark Path?

2 years ago by Stephen Young
On Monday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court killed the federal ban on sports betting outside Nevada, and there was, at least on the sports-friendly corners of the internet, much rejoicing. Behavior that, while routine, has been forced into the shadows, is headed for the light, at least in New Jersey,...

How a Guy From Fort Worth Influenced the New York Cinema Scene

2 years ago by Nate Jackson
Growing up in Fort Worth, Matthew Viragh had no idea he’d own a movie theater one day. But on a crisp November night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he drank Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace at a table in the restaurant of his Nitehawk Cinema. “I’m all in on the theatrical experience," he...

Dallas' Five Best Dog Parks

7 years ago by Jamie Laughlin
Just because you call a loft or apartment home doesn't mean you've stopped obsessing over your dog. We live vertical here in Dallas, stacked on top of one another like human Jenga. This is all fine until you fall in love. It starts so innocent: a picture on the internet...

The Cruel and Unusual Building of the Texas Horse Park

5 years ago by Eric Nicholson
Hunched over a table at a Jack in the Box, Kevin Woods doesn't look much like a cowboy. No hat, no belt buckle, no boots, not a horse in sight. Here, tucked between a cluster of warehouses and a bustling urban highway, is about as far from the open range...

Broken Dreams: Sambuca in Uptown Fights Back as Its Building Crumbles

2 years ago by Chris Wolfgang
It's just short of 9 p.m. on a recent Saturday night, and Sambuca in Uptown has already drawn a solid crowd. Most tables in the main dining area are filled, and cellphones repeatedly flash as large parties document their celebrations. On the other side of the restaurant, only a few...

Watch This Drone Mower Work the Tollway's Steep Lawns

3 years ago by Joe Pappalardo
In the world of lawn care, one robot in Dallas rises to the level of celebrity. That's the Spider ILD02. On Thursday it drew a small crowd of gawkers, mostly parks department employees, while cutting the grass near Reverchon Park. The North Texas Tollway Authority uses the remote controlled robot...

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