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New Report Shows Woeful State of Women’s Health in Texas Cities

25 days ago by Stephen Young
In a state where everyone's blind, the one-eyed cities are kings, or something like that. That's the big takeaway from a new study from the National Institute for Reproductive Health. Texas' cities, the only places in the state where women can actually seek out a legal abortion, lag behind cities...

Everything You’ve Heard About Viral Texas Custody Case Is Wrong

5 days ago by Stephen Young
If you happen to follow any of Texas' Republican leadership on Twitter — and God bless you if you do — you've likely encountered the state GOP's latest cause célèbre: a child-custody dispute in Dallas County between a mom who says that one of her two 7-year-old twins is a trans...

October Tornado Victims To Receive Tax Help from Dallas County

11 days ago by Stephen Young
Dallas County homeowners hit by October's tornadoes will get a little tax help from the county, thanks to the Dallas County Commissioners Court. Tuesday morning, commissioners decided by a unanimous vote to allow the Dallas County Appraisal District to revalue property hit by the tornado. Owners of properties given new,...

Report Confirms Alarming Trend: Fewer Children Are Insured in Texas

17 days ago by Lucas Manfield
Texas has the highest rate of uninsured children in the nation and it has been getting worse at an alarming rate, according to a new report released Wednesday. Researchers at Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute analyzed 2018 census data and found that the percentage of children with no healthcare coverage...

DFW’s Health Insurance Rate for Children Ranks Worst in Nation Among Major Cities

2 months ago by Lucas Manfield
The Dallas-Fort Worth area has the lowest rate of children’s health insurance coverage among the 25 largest metro areas in the United States, according to new census data released Thursday. Across the area, 11.7% of children are uninsured, continuing a multiyear slide that reflects statewide trends. Adults in Dallas and...

Reeling from Accusations of Fraud, Pine Creek Medical Center Shuts Down

24 days ago by Lucas Manfield
Pine Creek Medical Center, assailed by unprofitability, failures in patient care and accusations of fraud, quietly shut down this past summer. Signs posted on the front doors of the 15-bed hospital said it had closed July 24 and directed anyone seeking emergency help to call 911. Beds, generators and medical...

The County’s Made It Easy, So Please, Dallas, Get Out and Vote This Week

13 days ago by Stephen Young
There's evidence, from donation totals and turnout, both in the 2018 election and at rallies like the one held by President Donald Trump in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, that North Texas is more engaged than ever politically. The region is the epicenter of the 2020 fight over the...

New Book Says Birth Control Changes Women’s Brains and We Need to Understand How

17 days ago by Meredith Lawrence
Hormone-based birth control has a much more nuanced and wide-spread effect on women’s brains than we commonly think, according to a new book written by Texas Christian University Research Psychologist Sarah E. Hill.

Dallas Reports Large Racial, Socioeconomic Equity Gaps

19 days ago by Meredith Lawrence
In Dallas there are large gaps in access to resources and opportunities depending on your income, where you live and racial and socioeconomic background, according to a new report released by the city in partnership with the Center for Public Policy and Priorities.

Lorena Bobbitt Talks Christine Ford, MeToo and Advocacy Ahead of Arlington Domestic Violence Conference

20 days ago by Eva Raggio
Lorena Bobbitt, who now uses her maiden name Gallo, became the controversial face of domestic abuse in 1993, when the Ecuadorian-born manicurist was arrested after castrating husband John Bobbitt with a kitchen knife, and throwing his penis out of her car window after, she alleged, suffering years of spousal abuse...

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