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Patricia Rodriguez Still Relies On The Pre-Show Advice Ian MacKaye Once Gave Her Band

8 years ago by Eric Grubbs
Given her DJ nickname of Tigerbee, maybe it's not surprising that Patricia Rodriguez is a very busy person. When she isn't working on her artwork, she serves as one of the main people behind the theme-party DJ troupe, The Lollipop Shoppe. She's also spent time playing bass with The Upside...

Figment Still Needs Your Money to Bring an Interactive Art Festival to Dallas in the Fall

1 year ago by Nicholas Bostick
Figment Dallas is becoming more of a reality by the day. Nearly 350 people showed up to the first fundraising effort in January and helped the egalitarian interactive art festival get close to the goal needed to fund the Oct. 20 event. Now Suza Kanon, Figment Dallas’ producer and figurehead, has...

Poster Of The Week: The Shapes At The Cavern Saturday

10 years ago by Jesse Hughey
Dallas psych-rockers The Shapes, featuring Lollipop Shopper Patricia Rodriguez on bass and vocals, have finally started playing live shows again after a two-year hiatus, and will bring their '60s-loving jangle-rock to The Cavern Saturday night. This poster for the show, which also features DJ Mark Ridlen and the live debut...

Behold: Fashion's Future

6 years ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm
There was a time, lovelies, when a fashion show was just that: a show of fashion. There were folding chairs, grindy music of the techno variety, and when it was over, you expounded loudly about how the use of textiles for that season was rife with commentary about geopolitical unrest,...

Let's Get It Start-ed

8 years ago by Jesse Hughey
A new gallery may prove to those from north of the river that there is art in Oak Cliff outside the Bishop Arts District: Start Gallery Dallas, 1004 W. Page Ave. at Polk Street. Start gets its start with The First Exhibition featuring three Dallas artists: Martin R. Campos (mixed...

Is That Even a Real Word?

5 years ago by Danielle Georgiou
“Caligrafitizm.” That’s the first word you see when you look up graffiti artist Soner’s website. What does it mean? Well, it’s an amalgamation of his largest influences: calligraphy, typography, graffiti and graphic design, and it truly describes his work. His large-scale murals are fantastical explorations of the interplay between text...

Dallas Observer Mixtape with Gabriel Mendoza: Can, David Bowie & More

3 years ago by Wanz Dover
Gabriel Mendoza is a DJ's DJ. A crate digger's crate digger. From punk to metal to psyche to funk to Britpop to disco to Krautrock and beyond, he is a hard man to stump. Mendoza has the keen ability to find infectious funk in the places few choose to even...

Urban Nature Moves Graffiti Indoors at Kirk Hopper Fine Art

5 years ago by Danielle Georgiou
Who are Soner and Patricia Rodriguez? What does their work entail? Is it just graffiti or is it something more? With Urban Nature, Kirk Hopper Fine Art is opening up its walls for these two artists to redefine and contextualize how we view graffiti, a form of expression and language...

The Color Wheel, Set at 88 MPH

6 years ago by Merritt Martin
Neutrals are strong and dependable; nothing’s changed. But as much as black is slimming, gray is chic and a nude shoe can lengthen the leg, there’s something to be said for the energy and attitude of vivid color. It can feel fairly daring to try to live in floral and...

Parkland Wants to Build an $18 Million Pedestrian Bridge Modeled after the Calatrava

6 years ago by Eric Nicholson
It was something of a surprise when Parkland Hospital officials announced that, though they're finishing construction on a brand new $1.27 billion facility, the decaying old campus across Harry Hines would need to remain open as an outpatient medical clinic. It was an costly proposition. Parkland would have to spend...

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