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Starck Reality: Michael Cain's Making Two Movies About the Late Dallas Danceteria

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Maybe you saw something in the paper last week about two Starck Club docs in the works -- the one we mentioned that sneak-peeked at the USA Film Fest, and another being cooked up by AFI Dallas International Film Fest artistic director Michael Cain with club founder Blake Woodall. Turns...

Comic Book Artist Kristian Donaldson On His Craft, Bicycles And Estate Shopping

10 years ago by Alexander Flores
Welcome to the latest edition of our ongoing photo feature, Profiles In Pictures. Every couple of weeks, esteemed photographer Sara Kerens gives us another view of a local creative, and we ask them a set of standard questions to give us some further insight into their world in their own...

Bed & Boast

19 years ago by Mark Stuertz
Charles Givens isn't worried. The Oklahoma City developer who specializes in office buildings, condominiums and retirement communities boasts that his Hotel ZaZa, taking shape near McKinney and Maple, will have a 72 percent occupancy rate when it opens in October. This despite a slump in the boutique hotel market, which...

18 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas, April 10- 13

7 years ago by Lauren Smart
If you want to stuff any more into this weekend, you're going to have to pack it to the point of bursting. There are so many art events, we're struggling to zip it all together. There are gallery openings, farmer's markets, festivals, dance show, theater productions, a huge film festival,...

Echoes and Reverberations: When 'The Summer of Love' Meant Sex In a Club

12 years ago by Jeff Liles
"Are you one of the beautiful people? Is my name on the list? I want to be with the beautiful people... I wanna feel like I'm missed..." Eels - "Guest List" I went to high school with a kid named Greg Holman. His father was a painter named George, who...

Running The Rock

12 years ago by Richie Whitt
In 1990 I finished the White Rock Marathon. And it almost finished me. This year, I get my revenge: Back then I was a 26-year-old flatbelly, just a couple years removed from competitive cross country and a full-speed dork who would precede Saturday morning flag football at The Village Country Club with...

1998 Dallas Observer Music Awards Nominees

23 years ago by Zac Crain
Josh Alan Nominated for: Blues, Folk/Acoustic Who knew what to make of Alan's 1997 Blacks 'n' Jews? The title track was a work of absolute genius and chutzpah, the history of black-Jewish relations rolled up into one glib, sharp statement: "Marchin' two-by-two down in Mississippi/One was a Panther when the...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.