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Need Help Getting to the Polls? These Two Organizations Have You Covered.

1 day ago by Simone Carter
Two organizations, Rideshare2Vote and Politisit, are working to get Dallas voters to the polls.

North Texas Is Getting a Trump Store, and We Had Questions

28 days ago by Eva Raggio
The suburb of Watauga now has something to “boast” about: It has the only Trump store in DFW. Owner Mary Talley has a background in entertainment as an owner and operator of carnival rides; when COVID hit and the State Fair of Texas and other fairs were canceled, she started...

The 8 Greatest Posthumous Albums of All Time

2 months ago by Garrett Gravley
We’re not going to mince words here: We’re all in hell right now, and 2020 is a year that seems never-ending. No amount of tragedy fatigue will ever make the deaths of local musicians such as Riley Gale and Trini Lopez less devastating. No matter how turbulent this election cycle...

3 Dallas Chefs Share Stories of Their Recipes, Despite Grumpy Comments in NY Times

2 months ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
It all started with a blueberry bundt cake and a promise to cure a baking rut. I didn’t realize I was in a baking rut, unless avoiding turning the oven on for long periods during the Texas summer qualifies as a rut. The recipe I followed was written in narrative form;...

'God Must Be Doing Cocaine': Anthems for the Pandemic

2 months ago by Emaan Majed
The pandemic has not been exactly ideal for our health, with 5.5 million confirmed cases of COVID and up to 40% of adults struggling with either mental illness or substance abuse, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Songs that earlier may have seemed a little melodramatic and...

Exit Chuckling: Dallas Comedy House Closed, But the Community It Built Laughs On

2 months ago by Danny Gallagher
Improvised comedy scenes have what is called a “cut.” A performer runs across the stage in front of whatever is happening on stage to signal to players and audience members that the scene has reached its logical, or sometimes illogical, conclusion. As with all things in improvised theater, predicting what...

'Friendly' Denton Shop Norman Roscoe Raises Thousands for Artists and Local Businesses

4 months ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Eric Pulido and Ranger Ewing knew years ago they wanted to go into business together, even if it was just in a dimly lit garage for several hours a day. It would still mean time spent outside of their then full-time jobs elsewhere. Today, though, they’re thankful for more light...

How to Contribute to Social Justice Reform in North Texas

5 months ago by Simone Carter
With racial tensions across the United States already at a rapid simmer, the recent killings of George Floyd, Tony McDade and Breonna Taylor have raised them to a rolling boil. Since late last week, thousands in North Texas have taken to the streets to protest police violence against black people...

As Medical Equipment Shortage Persists, Dallas Volunteers Begin Making Face Shields

7 months ago by Silas Allen
As hospitals in Texas and nationwide face a dire shortage of protective equipment, volunteers are stepping in to try to fill the gap. Volunteers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are manufacturing plastic face shields to donate to hospitals, senior centers and healthcare workers who are on the front lines in...

Music News: The Best Online Concerts Happening This Week

7 months ago by Jeff Strowe
As concerts and festivals are shut down for the time being, musicians of all stripes are taking to the internet for performances and outreach. Be sure to check your points of purchase and artist websites if you had tickets for any upcoming shows. Refund policies vary, but many shows have...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.