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Obscured by Tornado News, an Important Story at Dallas Public Schools

26 days ago by Jim Schutze
Something important in local education has happened over the last few days, a story that has already slipped beneath the wave of tornado news. It is worth noting as both a harbinger of progress and a very depressing reminder why progress comes hard. Dallas school Superintendent Michael Hinojosa has announced...

Immigration Advocates Relieved as Judges Block New Public Charge Rule

1 month ago by Meredith Lawrence
Three federal judges have issued nation-wide preliminary injunctions that block a new rule targeting low-income immigrants, that was set to go into effect today. Advocates say that the temporary block on the rule is a huge relief.

Confusion over New Rules Leads Many to Ditch Public Assistance

1 month ago by Meredith Lawrence
Immigrants are hastily dropping public benefits in response to a federal rule change put forth by President Donald Trump, but many of them don't need to, advocates say. The fear, misinformation and rumors have lead to people needlessly giving up food stamps and healthcare assistance. The new guidelines stipulate that the use of assistance like Medicaid and food stamps and the likely hood that an applicant will use them in the future be weighed when deciding if an applicant should be approved for a green card.

This Weekend: Drinks and Blacksmithing in Uptown, Dumplings in North Dallas and Dinners in West Dallas

6 days ago by Taylor Adams
The Perle on Maple is hosting an event with light bites by executive chef Wade Burch, Heaven’s Door whiskey cocktail samples and — really — an interactive blacksmithing experience. Apparently Heaven’s Door has partnered with Bob Dylan, and each bottle shows the work of Dylan’s welded iron gates from his...

Silent No Longer: Trump’s Betrayal Stirs DFW’s Sizable Kurdish Community to Action

8 days ago by Lucas Manfield
In 1991, Saddam Hussein used tanks and helicopters to subdue rebelling Kurds in northern Iraq. Terrified that Hussein would again use chemical weapons, as he had in 1988, millions of the country’s persecuted Kurdish minority fled. Saman Gardy was one of them. He and his family were living in Erbil,...

Deep Ellum Artists and Businesses Will Open Their Studio Doors to the Art-Loving Public This Weekend

2 months ago by Nicholas Bostick
Deep Ellum is a neighborhood that thrives on putting on events and showcasing talent both local and from around the world. Yet in all the excitement of Elm Street’s bold new buildings and booming amplifiers, it can sometimes be difficult to see all Deep Ellum truly has to offer. On...

Morning News Thinks Scraping Encampments Is a Kindness

13 days ago by Jim Schutze
In a recent editorial, The Dallas Morning News praised Gov. Greg Abbott for ordering the state highway department to begin clearing out homeless encampments in the state capital. “True compassion isn’t turning a blind eye," the paper said. "It’s demanding change and then providing the help to make that change...

Immigration Limitations Based on Healthcare Set to Go into Effect Sunday

18 days ago by Meredith Lawrence
This Sunday, yet another new immigration policy will go into effect: immigrants coming into the country will be required to show proof of health insurance or the ability to secure health insurance or pay for medical costs, within 30 days of entering the US.

Fort Worth Wants to Hire a Diversity Director. They Canned the Last One.

19 days ago by Jim Schutze
The city of Fort Worth is interviewing six finalists for the job of diversity director. The city will pay whoever gets the job between $125,820 and $207,604 a year. I know how they can get this done for free. Find out why Joel Fitzgerald got fired. I’m serious. All the...

Lorena Bobbitt Talks Christine Ford, MeToo and Advocacy Ahead of Arlington Domestic Violence Conference

22 days ago by Eva Raggio
Lorena Bobbitt, who now uses her maiden name Gallo, became the controversial face of domestic abuse in 1993, when the Ecuadorian-born manicurist was arrested after castrating husband John Bobbitt with a kitchen knife, and throwing his penis out of her car window after, she alleged, suffering years of spousal abuse...

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