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City Hall Gets It Right and Wrong About Poverty and Crime

8 months ago by Jim Schutze
If it’s anything, the Ridgecrest apartment complex, located almost all the way to Mountain Creek Lake in far West Dallas, is proof that in the last half-century most local and national government programs designed to end poverty have been stupid. The good news is that Dallas is beginning to figure...

Heartstrings and Purse Strings Tugged in Tough Council Debate on Housing the Poor

11 months ago by Jim Schutze
A lot of the time, probably too much, we talk about the Dallas City Council strictly in terms of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, death, famine, war and conquest. There’s more to it than those four guys. A recent debate about a run-down apartment complex in far West Dallas...

First Some Crow to Eat, Then We Dig Into the Good Stuff

12 months ago by Jim Schutze
Last week I got an important fact wrong in a story about a troubled apartment complex in far West Dallas. I said the agency responsible for enforcing basic standards there over a period of years was the Dallas Housing Authority. That was not true. In fact, an entity in Austin...

City Staff Push Policy Change That Reinforces Racial Segregation

1 year ago by Jim Schutze
Monday The Dallas Morning News made some great points in an editorial about racial segregation in the city and the Trump administration’s troubling initiative to de-emphasize desegregation in national housing policy. The defect in the editorial — the thing always left unsaid in Dallas — is that segregation is what...

A Guide to This Week's Dallas Art Events That Aren't at the Dallas Art Fair

6 years ago by Lauren Smart
In 2010, Jordan Roth and his mother Susan Roth Romans set up an exhibition on the second floor of the Fairmont Hotel during the Dallas Art Fair. A veteran in the art world, Romans knew this would attract attention from the collectors visiting the fair or staying at the hotel...

Taco King: Our First Stop on The Taco Trail

9 years ago by José Ralat Maldonado
Welcome to the Taco Trail, dedicated to one of the favorite fixations of Dallasites, tacos in all their glorious variations. Although preference will be given to those taquerias accessible by  public transportation, be it DART rail or bus or a combination of the two, The Taco Trail will navigate all...

The Remaking of Vickery Meadow

8 years ago by Leslie Minora
Ray Mali dresses neatly in a collared cotton shirt, jeans, clean sneakers and a bulky leather jacket that doesn't keep him quite warm enough. It's eight o'clock on a January morning. He takes his last few gulps of tea and leaves for work, his muscles aching even before he steps...

Cooking With Class

15 years ago by Mark Stuertz
Hail the new celebrity class: chefs, sous, de cuisines, sauciers, prep cooks--maybe even dishwashers if they can lip sync. They may not get paid like 50 Cent, or have Dimebag-like memorial services when they bite the grease trap, but that's because the blizzard of recipe rap CDs and videos hasn't...

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