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An Iraqi Family Torn by Violence Settles Into an Apartment Complex That Needs Them Too

7 years ago by Leslie Minora
Rasmiya AlGhrawi greets guests with big hugs and a series of kisses from cheek to cheek and back again. She's a mother and grandmother to both her own family and to anyone who walks through her door and sinks into her comfy couches. She's also a refugee, having fled from...

Disgraced Councilman Caraway Zapped to Eerie Twilight Zone

9 months ago by Jim Schutze
This is too spooky. They erased Dwaine Caraway. The very recently former Dallas City Council member’s name and image were expunged from City Hall the night after he pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges last week. Name plaque on the horseshoe dais in the council chamber: SCRAPE! Gone! Portrait in...

Serenity Now: In Scary Times, Granada Theater's Mike Schoder Takes a Calming Approach to Security

1 year ago by Alaena Hostetter
You felt the difference the first time you attended a concert at the Granada Theater. You may not have been able to put your finger on it, but when one of the employees in black smiled at you, chatted with you about your day or helped you with a problem,...

Warbeast's End Signals the Final Days of "Legendary" North Texas Thrash Metal

2 years ago by Christian McPhate
Bruce Corbitt doesn’t move as he once did onstage. It’s usually gloriously brutal when he unleashes what he calls his “machine gun type of barking vocals” that often leave the crowd gasping for air by the end of the show. But Friday night at The Rail Club in Fort Worth, he could...

Horror Anthology XX Offers a Too-Rare Showcase for Women Directors

2 years ago by April Wolfe
The horror anthology — multiple short films, often from different directors, all tied together with a wraparound framing device — has been a staple of the genre since at least 1919 and the German Eerie Tales. Since then, horror has thrived in the short form, though television was the preferred...

A Killer F5 Tornado Rips Through Dallas County -- How Ready Are We for this Nightmare Scenario?

10 years ago by Thomas Korosec
Tim Marshall and his wife, Kay, were bickering like seagulls when the cow dung flew inside their pickup's passenger-side window and splattered across his face. "Put the vehicle in drive," Marshall said in a hectoring tone that any spouse would find annoying. "No. No. No. We are fine. We...are...fine." About...

No, I Meant Exactly What I Said About Shooting and Poisoning Vicious Dogs.

3 years ago by Jim Schutze
Wow. The dog thing is deep. And I knew that. Before I wrote a single word about the May 2 fatal dog mauling of Antoinette Brown, I already knew that our feelings about dogs – about pets in general – run deep in our hearts, because I know my own...

First Thing, After Death of Antoinette Brown, Fire the Top Dog Catcher

3 years ago by Jim Schutze
Oh no you don’t, City Hall. Don’t think for a minute that the May 2 dog mauling and death of Antoinette Brown is somehow going to die down or fade away and then you’ll be cool. This woman, this citizen, this human being was ripped apart by dogs while neighbors,...

He Sounds Just Like...

9 years ago by Alice Laussade
This Wednesday, for a measly 10 bucks you can see Ozzy Osbourne, Rip Torn, Peter O'Toole, Sean Connery, Vince Vaughn and tons of other celebs makin' jokes. No, Addison Improv isn't hosting Celebrity Open Mic Night. But, close--8 p.m. Wednesday, comedian and voice actor Mike MacRae (you might know him...

Too Bad Midnight Special's Gripping Parental Drama Is on the Run

3 years ago by Bilge Ebiri
In Jeff Nichols’ gripping domestic thriller Take Shelter, Michael Shannon played a family man convinced that Armageddon was upon us. But even as the character’s visions compelled him to take more and more extreme precautions, the film remained fixed in the world of the real. It was a portrait of...

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