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Robert Groden: The Plaza Man

7 years ago by Jim Schutze
In this week's Dallas Observer, we profile 30 of the metro area's most interesting characters, with new portraits of each from local photographer Mark Graham. See the entire Dallas Observer People Issue here On November 22, 1963, the day President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot in Dealey Plaza, Robert Groden...

Robert Groden, JFK Expert, Settles with Dallas After 82 Bad Arrests

2 years ago by Jim Schutze
The question has always been why. Why did the city of Dallas carry out a decades-long manifestly illegal campaign of persecution against a Dallas author. Now that author, a Kennedy assassination expert whose theories differ from what he says is an official city doctrine, has agreed to a modest out-of-court...

Dutch Film Portrays Our Own Robert Groden as Obsessed, Not Crazy

4 years ago by Jim Schutze
The title of Dutch documentary filmmaker Kasper Verkaik’s  60-minute film, Plaza Man  is a reference to Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorist Robert Groden, the guy who sells books and DVDs every fine weekend at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. But the Kennedy assassination, the conspiracy theories, even Groden’s long-running battle with...

JFK Conspiracy Theorist Robert Groden Sues City Over Prosecution

5 years ago by Jim Schutze
Just when you thought I would never talk about the Kennedy assassination and the Sixth Floor Museum again, I'm baaack. But, look, I'm only baaack because Robert Groden is baaack, this time with a state district court lawsuit against the city for malicious prosecution. Groden is the nationally known New...

Dallas Has Now Lost 82 Cases Against Robert Groden. Someone Call Guinness.

3 years ago by Jim Schutze
The city of Dallas got poured out of court again yesterday in its decades long extra-legal persecution of Kennedy assassination expert Robert Groden, making the 82nd time the city has lost against Groden in its own municipal courts, not counting a major slap-down suffered by the city in the 5th...

Judge Has Scheduled Tuesday Hearing Concerning Robert Groden's Intent to Sell Conspiracy Theory Materials at Dealey Plaza

9 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Still waiting for Official Word from the city concerning Robert Groden's lawsuit filed yesterday concerning his ability -- or, in this case, inability -- to sell his conspiracy-theory publications in Dealey Plaza. But when we went down to the Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse, we left behind one significant...

Cupcakes and Motorcades: Judge Sets Hearing in Case of Robert Groden v. City of Dallas

9 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Update at 4:47 p.m.: The City Attorney's Office just sent a statement concerning Robert Groden's lawsuit and his efforts to sell his magazines and DVDs at Dealey Plaza. It's in full on the other side, but here's an excerpt:Robert Groden has no written agreement or permit from the City to...

City, With DA's Assist, Appeals Muni Judge's Decision to Dismiss Case Against Robert Groden

8 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
It's been seven months since we first told you the story of Robert Groden, the Kennedy conspiracy theorist and author and Oliver Stone consultant arrested and detained by Dallas police for peddling his pamphlets in Dealey Plaza. Three weeks ago, it looked as the story might have come to a...

City Files Motion to Dismiss Robert Groden's Suit, Then Withdraws Pending a Conference Call

9 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
After the jump is the city's 25-page motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Robert Groden on June 30, in which alleges, among myriad other things, that the city and the Dallas police are harassing him and violating his First Amendment rights because they won't let him sell his conspiracy-theory-pushing...

By Chasing Robert Groden from Dealey Plaza, City Hall Conspires to Make Dallas Look Asinine

8 years ago by Jim Schutze
Let's not even get into the underlying issue of whether Robert Groden should be able to sell his books and magazines about the Kennedy assassination on Dealey Plaza downtown. Just for grins, let's put that to one side. What gets me is the extreme Vladimir Putin-style in-your-face we're-not-even-embarrassed-by-it thug-ocratic stupidity...

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