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The New Holocaust and Human Rights Museum in Dallas Allows Visitors to Interview a Survivor

21 days ago by Ana Astri-O'Reilly
The Dallas Holocaust Museum has a new home. The new venue is five times the size of the former location on Record Street. And the changes keep on coming. The museum acquired a new name too. Now it’s the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. The 55,000-square-foot building will open...

Bridge-Builder Latasha Morrison: Christians Should Lead Racial Reconciliation Conversation

2 months ago by Julie Lyons
Latasha Morrison is one of the most prominent Christian advocates of racial reconciliation. The organization she founded, Be the Bridge, provides training materials for Christians to launch small, diverse discussion groups focused on racial unity. Many of these “Bridge Builder” groups exist in the Dallas area. In October, Morrison will...

The Best Exhibitions You Can See Right Now (Or Soon) in North Texas

3 months ago by Karen Gavis
From exquisite fashion to somber recollections and colorful replicas of classic art built brick by brick, Dallas has enjoyed a remarkable array of art in 2019, and here’s a short list of six important exhibitions that are still on the radar. Dior: From Paris to the World at the Dallas Museum...

These Improbable Beasts (and the Rock) Deserve a Wilder Film Than Rampage

1 year ago by Amy Nicholson
... This is a movie where everyone in Johnson's radius accuses his character of hating humanity, when the actor himself can't help ingratiating himself to everything ...

As Statue Removal Drags on, Robert E. Lee Arguments Get Dumber by the Day

2 years ago by Jim Schutze
All this online nattering about how much money the Dallas mayor and City Council are wasting on taking down the Robert E. Lee memorial is just insipid. True, the takedown, estimated to cost about $500,000, is taking too long. But the delays have been unavoidable, and the penny-pinching argument is...

The Promise Sets Hollywood Technique Against the Armenian Genocide's Horrors

2 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Terry George's The Promise has the rare good fortune of turning up in theaters just weeks after another film showed how necessary a movie like this is. The second star-driven war-adventure film of 2017 to set a cross-cultural love triangle against the horror of the Armenian Genocide, The Promise would...

Ascension Wants to Teach You How to Drink Coffee Seasonally

3 years ago by Tim Cox
For consumers trying to eat seasonally, the quest often stops at produce — but coffee, too, can change with the seasons, and Ascension Coffee recently launched a new program to celebrate the variations between seasons. When considering seasonality in coffee, most people tend think in terms of winter-time holiday blends...

The Ottoman Lieutenant Makes Romantic Hash Out of an Epochal Tragedy

3 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Let’s say you had to make up a list of historical moments that might serve as grand backdrops for sweeping, old-fashioned, Hollywood-style romantic dramas. How high would you rank the Armenian genocide? How high would you rank any genocide? Watching Hotel Rwanda, you probably never hoped that, amid the carnage,...

Irving Mayor Defies Decency by Going Along With Glenn Beck About Ahmed

4 years ago by Jim Schutze
Women and children first, right? No? Women and children second? Forget about ‘em? Get the hell out of my way? Maybe somebody will tell me that special regard for women and children under extreme circumstances — lifeboats on the Titanic, that kind of thing — has eroded or at least...

No Escape Is Suspenseful, Xenophobic

4 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
This mean and vigorous men's adventure pulp throwback has everything going against it. It's a late-August release whose leads, Owen Wilson and Lake Bell, tend to be the best things in movies you otherwise regret seeing. The trailers, teasing the story of a toothsome American family hunted by peasant-rebels in...

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