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A Sandy Hook Parent Will Throw Out the First Pitch at Tomorrow's Rangers Home Opener

6 years ago by Eric Nicholson
Emilie Parker, a tow-headed and ever-smiling 6-year-old, was gunned down on December 14 along with 19 of her classmates at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her parents, Robbie and Alyssa Parker, have coped with her death by sharing their memories of her in the media and on Facebook. She was a...

Louis Gohmert Really Wishes Sandy Hook's Principal Had a High-Powered Assault Rifle

6 years ago by Eric Nicholson
Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson was among the first to opine that the 20 children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday were a testament to the need for more guns in schools, not fewer. That other pundits and politicians would deploy the same argument in the days that followed, casting...

Dallas ISD is Proposing $4.5 Million in Security Upgrades in Response to Sandy Hook

6 years ago by Eric Nicholson
In the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, Dallas ISD police Chief Craig Miller wasted no time in dismissing the thought of arming teachers. In fact his recommendations for making DISD students safer, which he will present to the Board of Trustees at a briefing on Thursday, involve...

21 Things To Do in Dallas This Week

2 months ago by Paige Skinner
Wednesday Need a ladies night? Or a men’s night? Or just a night to get totally wasted and scream and holler when you see men taking off their clothes? Chippendales is coming to town just in time for bachelorette party season. Or a way to unwind after the stress of...

Dallas Police Officer's Wife Brings Positivity to Police Departments With Dogs

5 months ago by Nicholas Bostick
Like many others in Dallas and across the nation, Allison Russell found herself glued to the news on the evening of July 7, 2016. Shots were fired during a protest in downtown Dallas, and her husband Dan Russell was among hundreds of cops on the scene where four Dallas Police...

High School Students Interviewed Parents of Mass Shooting Victims for New Play, Babel

9 months ago by Monica Smart
What do we do about gun violence? That’s the question 20 or so high school students from Dallas’ Cry Havoc Theater Company set out to answer. They wanted to begin a conversation about guns and gun ownership with people involved in the debate surrounding one of the most divisive issues...

UT-Dallas Students Compiling National Database of School Shootings

11 months ago by Danny Gallagher
News reports after the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and similar school killings often tell inconsistent stories about the number of such cases because of incomplete data, adding to fear and confusion. Nadine Connell, an associate professor of crime at the University of Texas at...

North Texas Becomes America’s Top Destination for Laotian Food

10 months ago by Brian Reinhart
Dallas’ next culinary revolution began in a quiet specialty grocery store in Irving, a small shop where boxes of imported foods line the metal shelving all the way up to the ceiling. Here, in 2004, a woman named Boonmie Phennara fired up a Bunsen burner to make dinner for visiting...

Jordan Klepper and The Opposition Struggle to Fight Parody With Parody

1 year ago by Lara Zarum
The Opposition airs weeknights on Comedy Central In the first episode of Comedy Central’s new nightly satirical late-night series The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, the host explains why he jumped ship from The Daily Show, where he’d been a correspondent since 2015. The Jordan Klepper who cocked his eyebrow through...

DPD Wants to Put Signs on Properties Where 'Habitual Crime' Takes Place

1 year ago by Stephen Young
Dallas homes and business that host "habitual criminal activity" could soon face having their doors decorated with a city of Dallas placard announcing their status, thanks to a newly proposed ordinance from the Dallas Police Department. The owners of the properties could face legal trouble, too, if they fail to...

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