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Sara Hickman

18 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Our short attention spans have rendered her an afterthought, no less so because Sara Hickman long ago (or was it last month?) stepped off the 500X and Club Dada stages and moved to Austin, where all the pretty folk and folkies go sooner or later. But just because she's out...

Good Friday: Spooky Folk, Sarah Jaffe, Eaton Lake Tonics, John David Kent, The Burning Hotels, Drowning Pool, Sara Hickman, Jacob Metcalf, and Dove Hunter The Orbans

10 years ago by Pete Freedman
It's been a crazy day around here, what with the big NX35 announcement and all. Part of us doesn't want it to end; the rest of us can't wait for the weekend to start.Oh, who are we kidding? We're pretty stoked about this weekend--and for good reason, too, as there's...

Texas Has an Official State Musician, and Her Name Is Marcia Ball

2 years ago by Jesus Jimenez
All good Texans know the official symbols of Texas. State flower? Bluebonnets. State nickname? The Lone Star State. State tree? The pecan. But who can name the Texas State Musician? This year’s is the king of country music, George Strait. Although we haven’t yet reached the halfway point of 2017,...

So, the Dallas Observer Music Awards Are, Like, In an Hour. Guess We Should Get Going.

10 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Only a few of us left at the office -- most everyone else is already down at the Granada for tonight's Dallas Observer Music Awards, where doors open at 8 p.m. following the VIP shebang. Pete's got all the details here for those considering the last-minute rally. Me, all I...

Hal Samples Benefit

7 years ago by Daniel Rodrigue
Artist, photographer and videographer Hal Samples has helped document, promote, inspire and nurture up-and-coming talent in the community for nearly a decade. So, when he needed help, it was no surprise local bands and artists pulled together for a benefit show. Seems Samples has fallen on some hard times in...

Gig Alerts: A Busy Musical Thursday Across North Texas

10 years ago by Darryl Smyers
Judging by the amount of quality acts performing in and around our fair city tonight, you might think it was the week before SXSW. Well maybe not quite, but you get the idea: There's a lot more going on than the sure-to-be-emotional Carter Albrecht CD release show at the Granada...

Out Here

20 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Sara Hickman Newborn (Sleeveless) No doubt about it: Getting dropped from Elektra way back when was the best thing that ever happened to Sara Hickman. If ever anyone doubted that signing to a major label can corrupt even the most well-meaning among us, listen only to the album and a...

Brave Combo

9 years ago by Daniel Hopkins
In today's pop music landscape, bands that release more than four or five albums are applauded for their persistence and ability to stretch their particular genre. But Brave Combo puts all of those other acts to shame. Kikiriki, the band's 25th studio album, is a refreshing and fun offering from...

Hot Dish

24 years ago by Mary Brown Malouf
Don't you want one? Notable Dallasites donated pinatas to be raffled off at "Cerveza y Quesa at the Mesa." Take your chance on a Dallas Cowboys pinata filled with jerseys and memorabilia. Sara Hickman's is filled with CDs, Star Canyon's with cookbooks and packaged foods; another is filled with $200...

Better Off TED: SMU Campus to Be Filled With Deep Thinkers in Deep Conversation

10 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Perhaps you saw William Kamkwamba on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Wednesday night and thought the co-author and subject of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope just might be The Most Interesting 23-Year-Old in the World. And maybe you said to yourself, "I'd...

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