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Chief Sitting Bull

13 years ago by Richie Whitt
Each weekend night the Mesquite Championship Rodeo is interrupted by a short drama, the script of which reads something like this: Act I: Bull. Act II: Shiiiiit!!! "Those guys have a screw loose," says Darren Robertson, taking a sip of Monster energy drink while taking a shot at kamikaze cowboys...

Humbled Proud Boy: Attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke Claims an Internet ‘Stalker’ Is Ruining His Life

1 month ago by Christian McPhate
Jason Lee Van Dyke sat at a table next to his defense lawyer in a Denton County courtroom, listening as an attorney for the Texas State Bar spoke about how fearful she was when she received his email message threatening her life. At 38, Van Dyke is stocky like a...

At 25 Years Old, Ticketstock Is The Ticket’s Epic Birthday Bash

4 months ago by Kelly Dearmore
Local sports radio titan 1310 The Ticket will celebrate its 25th birthday in much the same way it celebrated its very first birthday back in 1995 — in front of thousands of its most devoted listeners for yet another edition of the station’s signature event, Ticketstock. This year’s two-day event...

Jim Weathers Believes He Can Heal You, But Just Don't Ask How He Does It

4 months ago by Richie Whitt
Performing miracles at a rented duplex in Oak Lawn this week, ladies and gentlemen how ’bout a big round of applause forrrr … God? “No, I’m not God,” says Jim Weathers. “Just his big, ugly conduit.” Um, yeah, about that glaring lack of a miracle-worker denial. That’s because Weathers —...

If Pit Bulls Are Not to Blame, Then We Are. So What Do We Do About That?

1 year ago by Jim Schutze
Another story this week of a Dallas resident viciously mauled by pit bull dogs: This latest victim, a 35-year-old woman, was attacked early Sunday morning by four dogs but saved by good Samaritans on Hamilton Avenue just southeast of the Cotton Bowl. It’s really hard to see something like this,...

The 10 Best Restaurants in Dallas — According to Chefs, Bartenders and Industry Insiders

5 months ago by Brian Reinhart
Last week I published my list of the Top 100 Dallas Restaurants. That list was based on my meals at over 400 eateries in Dallas and its suburbs, but it was also based on my own judgment. This new ranking is an alternative. Not content with building my own list,...

Sit 'Em, Cowboy!

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
There's at least one guy in our regular poker game who could probably play Cowboy Poker, and not because he drinks a lot. No, not all. Yep, another cowboys column. But in this week's paper version of Unfair Park I write not about Cowboys who catch pigskins, but rather cowboys...

Bull Riding

15 years ago by John Gonzalez
It's hard to decide which legend is bigger--Greg Noll or the famous wave he battled like some Hemingway character decked out in striped board shorts and a scowl. Noll is a surfing god and long since retired, but both of those things are due as much to his lifetime spent...

Mo' Bull

11/7 Take some fresh dirt, tight Wranglers, cowboy boots marked with wear, brawny steeds and some mighty holding-on power, and you've got a good old-fashioned rodeo. Mix it with Billboard chart-topping musicians and charitable intentions, and you've got the Texas Stampede. Now in its third year, the event continues to...

Bull Rush

18 years ago by John Gonzalez
This? This wasn't the norm. This was easy. No big deal, even though he had trained like a sadist for this bout, sparring and running and scrapping until exhaustion. Or that it took a long while to mold a body turned soft from lack of use and "too many enchiladas"...

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