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The Sixth Floor Museum

Permanent exhibit examines the lifetime, legacy and assassination of John F. Kennedy, with film footage, interpretive displays and more than 400 photos.

The Best John F. Kennedy Movies, for Those Missing the Sixth Floor Museum

5 months ago by Liam Gaughan
Among Dallas’ museums, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza stands out as the rare foundation where history was actually made. Located on the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository, the museum commemorating the life of the nation’s 35th president stands in the same place Lee Harvey...

Stephen King To Host Sixth Floor Museum Fundraiser at the Majestic

9 years ago by Nick Rallo
Last month, when it was announced Jonathan Demme (of Silence of the Lambs fame) would helm Stephen King's new novel about a teacher who time-jumps to stop JFK's assassination, we thought: Hey, isn't that a Quantum Leap episode? Now, we'll have the chance to ask King if the new book...

For JFK's 95th Birthday, The Sixth Floor Museum Hosts Chris Matthews

8 years ago by Brentney Hamilton
Being an election year, you'd be right to expect that more than a few politicos will be crawling out of the woodwork to invigorate their respective bases and jostle the American public from its Twinkie coma to pull down some votes. And that's exactly what we suspect MSNBC analyst Chris...

Sixth Floor Museum Opening a Cafe. Let Fly With the Tasteless Jokes, Everyone.

10 years ago by Hanna Raskin
In a bid to reshape Dallas residents' image of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, the museum's promoting itself as a hip new spot to shop and nosh. The Museum Store + Café, opening July 1, will stock gift items made by local artists and serve coffee and sweets...

Who Died and Made the Sixth Floor Museum the King of Dealey Plaza?

7 years ago by Jim Schutze
Last night the history group called Preservation Dallas gave a special award to Lindalyn Adams, one of the people who created The Sixth Floor, the Kennedy assassination museum downtown. That's great. She deserves it. Now I want to know why The Sixth Floor got Robert Groden thrown in the slammer...

Sixth Floor Museum Restores Texas School Book Depository Sign. Then Hangs It Inside.

9 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Got a note today from the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza's Liza Collins saying that the museum has restored and just re-hung the old 2.5-foot-by-17-foot Texas School Book Depository sign once displayed above the Elm Street entrance to the building. Removed n the '70s and stored by the museum...

City, Sixth Floor Museum to Split Cost of $1.5 Million Dealey Plaza Redo Down the Middle

9 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
We first told you back in May that Dealey Plaza is due for a makeover, which involves redoing the north and south plaza pergolas, planting new way-finding and history-of signs, and making the plaza ADA compliant at long last. Then we discovered how the city is going to pay for...

Florida Prof Unearths Sixth Floor Museum Talks by Dallas Journo Legend Vivian Castleberry

10 years ago by Andrea Grimes
As the women's editor for the Dallas Times Herald for nearly 30 years, from the 1950s to the '80s, Vivian Castleberry revolutionized the section's coverage -- addressing domestic violence, for example, in addition to lifestyle pieces on decor and fashion -- and became the first woman named to the paper's...

He Loves the '60s: Hal Sparks Is Currently Shopping at the Sixth Floor Museum Gift Shop

10 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Tonight Hal Sparks is at the Arlington Improv. But based upon this just-posted Twitpic (headline: "They sell weird books at the Kennedy Assassination museum in Dallas") and the accompanying video, he's at Dealey Plaza ... right now, people, right now. I hope he runs into Robert Groden. Or gets a...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.