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White Attorney Sues State Bar of Texas for Discrimination

3 years ago by Christian McPhate
A white attorney sued the State Bar of Texas governing board on Monday for discrimination. Austin-based attorney Greg Gegenheimer brought action against several defendants representing the state bar because he claims they are violating the Equal Protection Clause by maintaining a “race- and sex-based quota scheme on its Board of...

How To Eat at the State Fair of Texas Without Going to the State Fair of Texas

1 month ago by Nick Rallo
WHAT IF I TOLD YOU you didn’t need to go to the State Fair of Texas to devour the foods from hell. Enter the gates, passing by the monolith of Big Tex, you will encounter a wagon-red doughnut. What is it? Is it cherry-flavored? Nope. Is it from the darkest deepest...

The State of Texas vs. Amber Guyger: Frequently Asked Questions

2 months ago by Stephen Young
Monday, one of Dallas' biggest trials of the 21st century is set to begin at the Dallas County Courthouse on Riverfront Boulevard. Amber Guyger, a former Dallas Police Department officer, is charged with murdering Botham Jean, a 26-year-old PriceWaterhouseCoopers employee. Guyger shot Jean, who lived in the apartment immediately above...

Texas Gov. Abbott Gets Back on Script With New Secretary of State Appointment

3 months ago by Stephen Young
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is taking the first step toward memory-holing his ill-fated nomination of former Texas Secretary of State David Whitley. Abbott announced Monday that he's appointed the chairwoman of the Texas Workforce Commission to the post. Ruth Ruggero Hughs, also a former associate in the Texas Attorney General's...

Fewer Veterans on the Streets Across Texas — But Not in Dallas

6 days ago by Silas Allen
Although the number of veterans living on Texas streets has dropped drastically since 2011, that population remains stubbornly high in Dallas, according to data released this week by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Even as Dallas saw fewer homeless veterans overall, its population of unsheltered veterans — those...

Out of Work To Do in Texas, Paxton Argues for Other State’s Abortion Restrictions

1 month ago by Stephen Young
The Texas Attorney General's Office made an appearance at the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans today. That's nothing new. If there's anything that Attorney General Ken Paxton likes, it's fighting the federal government, whether about the environment and Texas' ability to pollute it, people with preexisting...

New Report Shows Woeful State of Women’s Health in Texas Cities

28 days ago by Stephen Young
In a state where everyone's blind, the one-eyed cities are kings, or something like that. That's the big takeaway from a new study from the National Institute for Reproductive Health. Texas' cities, the only places in the state where women can actually seek out a legal abortion, lag behind cities...

Texas Wins Right to Stay in Dark Ages of Voter Registration on a Technicality

6 days ago by Stephen Young
For a brief moment in 2018, it looked like Texas might be dragged out of the dark ages and forced to fix one of its residents' longest-standing frustrations. A decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit squashed that dream Wednesday, at least for the time being...

It’s Time to Get Your Last Funnel Cakes at This Year’s State Fair of Texas

1 month ago by Taylor Adams
It seems like yesterday we were just hearing, “Howdy, folks” for the first of the State Fair of Texas season, and we were just learning what the finalists were for this year’s top foods. But here we are at the last weekend. After the food is eaten, the rides are...

Texas Democratic Party Challenges New Voting Law

16 days ago by Meredith Lawrence
The Texas Democratic Party filed a lawsuit last week challenging Texas' new ban on mobile voting, which took effect just before this election cycle. Critics say the law suppresses student voters.

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