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14 years ago by Darryl Smyers
In a rare instance where musical guest stars contributed something more than their names to a sticker slapped on the CD, Styrofoam's 2004 album, Nothing Lost, actually put Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard and American Analog Set's Andrew Kenny to productive use. But don't worry about the lack of...

The Trompo- and Ham-Topped Cheeseburger at Mario Bros Tacos Is as Great as It Looks

2 months ago by Nick Rallo
Sliced pork hisses on the flat top. Mario Moya emerges from the kitchen in his own restaurant’s uniform: a firetruck-red cap, the letter “M” surrounded by a white circle on the crown and a red-collared shirt with the same logo. Moya’s got a classic mustache, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the...

The Perfect $4.79 Fried Chicken Sandwich, Right Next to a Coin Laundry

3 months ago by Nick Rallo
The mood is getting sticky at Mike’s Chicken. Just before high noon, the entryway swells with hungry customers. We are eyeing each other, twitching with anticipation in between orders. With each name that’s called out, the people who have been waiting, patiently or otherwise, blast lasers from their eyes in...

Picnictyme and DJ Sober are Booty Fade: Get Familiar with the Premier of "Styrofoam Cup"

6 years ago by Vanessa Quilantan
If you've found yourself at Beauty Bar on a Thursday night anytime within the last few months, you are already well aware that there is no one in the city of Dallas who can turn a party up like DJ Sober and Picnictyme can. Though Will Rhoten (aka DJ Sober)...

6 Songs Kidz Bop Made Worse

9 months ago by Brad LaCour
Proving that the pain of having kids doesn’t end at childbirth, The Kidz Bop Tour will stop at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory on Sept. 22. The live tour will feature a group of young performers hoping to be the next Britney Spears or Justin Bieber.

Seven Essential Dallas-Area Restaurants in Gas Stations

10 months ago by Brian Reinhart
This list, we hope, dispels the notion that these establishments are dirty, greasy and cheap, yet instead shows how much hard work and even creativity can go into a corner store food counter.

Fantastic $2 Pupusas Are Hidden In the Back of This Kwick Save Mart

10 months ago by Nick Rallo
The familiar jangle of the convenience store bells fills the air as you push through the double doors. It’s a signal that a good meal is on its way. You’re beelining to the back of the store, through the bodega’s aisles, to the wall-bound menu that’s wrapped in ever-blinking lights...

The Best Little Hawaiian Fast Food Spot in Dallas

1 year ago by Nick Rallo
The automated voice you know as Google Maps announces over the phone’s speaker, “Right turn at Whataburger.” The orange burger hut is the last sign of Texas you’ll see, at least for the moment, if you’re headed to Aloha Hawaiian BBQ. The view from Aloha's front door is a heat mirage...

In a Northwest Dallas Gas Station, Bachman Lake Tacos and Grill Serves Stellar Trompo

1 year ago by Nick Rallo
In the western wing of the Chevron gas station, Eduardo Mora sweeps up after the lunch rush. A load of customers had just whooshed through, making a serious dent in the trompo, the blush-red pork tornado spinning quietly in front of a wall of heat, as slow and balanced as...

Fuel City Tacos Are Nearly 20 Years Old — and Are Some of the Worst in the City

1 year ago by Nick Rallo
The inflatable longhorn ripples in a punchy breeze. Cars swerve into the lot, gassed up for tacos, and music blisters over the loud speaker at the to-go window. The line doesn’t last long: Styrofoam-enclosed orders fly out of the tiny Fuel City window for $1.62 a taco, cash only. Two...

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