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Playing by Old Rules, Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes Drama Stumbles

3 years ago by Michael Nordine
When last we saw Howard Hughes onscreen, Leonardo DiCaprio was repeating "the way of the future" ad infinitum as he gazed into the mirror. Warren Beatty's long-in-the-making Rules Don't Apply isn't nearly as concerned with the future as Martin Scorsese's The Aviator was, looking instead to the past and all...

The Ross at Peak Thrift Store Really Is Closing to Make Way for the Gentry

10 months ago by Christina Hughes Babb
The Ross at Peak Thrift Store, the shabby, barn-red shop with the sign above the door shouting to passersby that “EVERYTHING MUST GO!” really means it this time. The shop, loved by antique hunters and designers, is falling victim to gentrification. Building owner Mitchell Rasansky says proprietors painted the white...

Howard's End

20 years ago by Carlton Stowers
"I was the first to light the torch of literature in this part of the country, however small, frail and easily extinguished that flame may be..." --from a 1933 letter written by Robert E. Howard to H.P. Lovecraft At first blush it is little more than parched flatland, colored only...

A Peek at QuakeCon's New, Bloody Fun Games

1 year ago by Danny Gallagher
If Nintendo is the family-friendly wing of the video game industry, then id Software and Bethesda Softworks are the cool, older sibling who rides a motorcycle, wears a leather jacket regardless of the weather and blasts speed metal at high volume in his poster-covered bedroom. The hardcore, PC-playing fans of...

Howard's Flick Ain’t Dick, but It Ain’t Bad

4 years ago by Amy Nicholson
Years after Moby-Dick was a flop, Herman Melville visited an old ship’s captain named George Pollard. Both men had seen better days. In their youth, both had sailed the seas with some success. Melville had written novels about his adventures with island girls, and Pollard had once helmed one of...

Taking Howard Stern seriously

23 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
The man who makes his living talking louder than everyone is suddenly quiet. His eyes close behind trademark shades, his hand rubs against the table between interviewer and interviewee, his foot dangles aimlessly at the end of lanky, nattily clad legs. The most obnoxious man alive is suddenly, for a...

New Jurassic World Is Better Than the Last Yet Still Somehow Not Good

1 year ago by Bilge Ebiri
The calamities come with accelerating speed, and everything happens so quickly that you don’t even have time to wonder if you’re having fun or not

Adventures In The Vinyl Trade: Doc's Records' Dave Howard

7 years ago by Ken Shimamoto
Every so often, we get to wondering what people in the local music community do all day. So, we asked them. Today, Ken Shimamoto checks in with Doc's Records employee Dave Howard, and learns a little about the life of a record store clerk in 2012. I grew up in...

Your Dallas International Film Festival Guide for Working Stiffs With Day Jobs (Ugh)

2 years ago by Jamie Laughlin
It’s Dallas International Film Festival, 2018 and you’re an indoor kid who wants to sit in a chair, uninterrupted, for eight days and allow your body to atrophy naturally. But you’ve got a day job. What’s a corporate sellout to do? Well, great news: This handy guide is for you,...

8 Amazing, Awful, Ugly — Sometimes All of the Above — Things Made in Dallas

2 years ago by Christina Hughes Babb
Turns out the TV show Dallas isn't the only thing this great city can claim. Plenty of things (and even some people) have been created here — everything from pedal pushers to a bottled scent that makes your shit not stink. Here's our list of seven things (and one person) made...

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