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The Joy Formidable - Trees - April 29, 2013

6 years ago by Doug Davis
The Joy Formidable Trees April 29, 2013 Taking the stage around 9:30, the Joy Formidable came out one at a time, starting with drummer Matt Thomas, who threw his enthusiasm at the crowd before sitting behind a picturesque kit, complete with gong. The kit was positioned on the right edge...

The Joy Formidable Never Sells a Crowd Short

8 years ago by Kelly Dearmore
If there were ever a time for a skyrocketing band that's recently tasted the fruits of newfound stardom to take a breather and not provide a full-force performance, it might have been during a short, windswept midday festival set. After The Joy Formidable proffered an empowered, aggressive show at early...

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Ice Cube, NSFWknd and More

4 months ago by Diamond Rodrigue
There may not be a St. Patrick's Day parade concert this year, but you can still feel lucky with the week's concerts. Ice Cube is back this week with Paul Wall at South Side Ballroom; NSFWknd gives us a chance to check out some of the SXSW Music Festival's top...

Computer-Screen Thriller Searching Is a Strong Argument for Logging Off

10 months ago by April Wolfe
... I imagined how whatever scene I was watching might have been staged and shot and acted out in a more traditional film — and I was inevitably disappointed by what has been lost ...

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Metallica, At The Drive-In, The Revolution and More

2 years ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Coming out of last week’s lull, things kick right back into gear this week. Isn’t that how it usually goes around here? In fact, it’s going to be pretty noisy, so earplugs may be a necessary part of the fun. From heavy metal to punk to glam rock, it’s going...

The 10 Best Concerts in Dallas This Week: Alessia Cara, Luke Bryan & More

3 years ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Dallas has definitely got a diverse group of music acts stopping through this week. Between the mass appeal of Luke Bryan and Texas roots-based artists at the country festival the Ranch Bash, anyone looking to hear some fiddles and sad songs are pretty much covered. On the opposite end of...

Edgefest Didn't Fill Toyota Stadium, But It Delivered the Alt-Rock Nostalgia It Promised

3 years ago by Shawn Shinneman
Edgefest With Cage the Elephant, the 1975 and more Toyota Stadium, Frisco Saturday, April 30, 2016 Good Charlotte didn't headline 102.1 FM The Edge's annual Edgefest at Toyota Stadium on Saturday, but they did say what everyone was thinking. The station's marquee event, taking place for this 26th time over...

The Macarons of Dallas, Ranked

2 years ago by Brian Reinhart
Is any dessert trendier than macarons have been the last few years? And is any dessert harder to make? This feather-light French pastry, a temperamental treat made with almond meringue and a thin layer of filling, has taken North Texas by storm in recent years, and now it seems that...

Bleed For This: The Latest Underdog Movie Boxer Battles Back Even When You Think Maybe He Shouldn't

3 years ago by Danny King
Ben Younger’s workmanlike but nevertheless rousing Bleed for This accomplishes something that’s a tall order for any boxing movie: It makes the inspirational training-montage sequences weird. Those are generally the most requisite and unexciting element of the genre, but Bleed for This freshens them thanks to the strange and disturbing...

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