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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Action/Adventure, Drama

Tough Market for Affordable Housing Shouldn’t Mean We Give Up On It

4 days ago by Jim Schutze
North Dallas City Council member Lee Kleinman would have me believe that his being near the end of an eight-year term limit on the council has freed his tongue. I am trying to remember Kleinman with a tongue that was unfree. In any case, he was typically iconoclastic this week...

With an Italian Brunch, Loveria Caffe Is Worth a Drive

2 months ago by Daniel Rockey
For many Americans, the concept of dining at specific times has dissolved away into a gradient of meals that span the entire day. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, midday snack, happy hour, dinner, after-dinner dessert, midnight snack: It's enough to make Pippin from Lord of the Rings jealous of how many meals...

A Juror’s View Inside the Brenda Delgado Capital Murder Trial

6 months ago by Casey Miller
Editor's note: Casey Miller served as a member of the jury that last week found Brenda Delgado guilty of capital murder in the contract killing of Dallas dentist Kendra Hatcher. Delgado will serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. Miller offered the Observer this essay about his experiences...

Backyard Cookout Season Is Upon Us. That’s Why You Need a Sous Vide.

8 months ago by Chris Wolfgang
Are we really suggesting that you let that brisket sit in warm, circulating water for 24 hours before throwing it briefly on the smoker? Why yes, yes we are.

The National Cowgirl Museum Has a Wonder Woman Costume and Jon Snow’s Saddle

9 months ago by Danny Gallagher
A new addition to the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame features some collectibles that TV and movie geeks will find interesting. The Fort Worth attraction opened a new gallery in the building's second floor Kit Moncrief Galleries earlier this month, and it includes some rare collectibles. The museum...

The 10 Most Memorable Songs in Texas Rangers’ History

8 months ago by Richie Whitt
Forecast to lose 90-plus games this season, your Texas Rangers may be unwatchable. Thanks to elder statesman Elvis Andrus, they also might be unlistenable. Andrus, the affable, comedic shortstop who suddenly is the longest-tenured Ranger, will turn “walk-up music” on its, um, fin this season when he approaches the plate...

The Wrestler: Lord of the Ring

11 years ago by J.hoberman
The Wrestler may be plenty visceral, but it's no more a sports movie than professional wrestling is a competitive sport. Chronic overreacher Darren Aronofsky's relatively unpretentious follow-up to the ridiculous debacle that was The Fountain is all about showbiz. It's also a canny example. You want to make a comeback...

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